Football Kits use Greenygrey to Camouflage in Stadiums

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Hi, it’s Martin “Werewolfie” Adams, sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. We were sorry to see our unawere namesake, Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams lost his darts title this week, but he was still a great ambassador for wolves in defeat.

The Greenygreyest Football Kit

While Leeds United came close to a greenygrey kit this season, with an almost grey black and almost green fluorescent yellow, it is the West Ham home goalie’s shirt that is the most greenygreyest in British football, as far as we know. An image of it is copied above from the West Ham website.

And guess what for an extraordinary coincidence. It is usually worn by Green’s namesake, Robert Green.

Our resident sports psychologist, Marc Latham, remembered from his time between the sticks that goalie’s either like to try and camouflage themselves, so opposing players don’t know where they are; or wear bright colours to attract their attention, in the hope that they then shoot straight at them.

We don’t know which theory is the most prominent at the moment, but guess that the greenygrey is to try and camouflage against the football stadium‘s dominant green and grey colours.

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