‘The Grey’ Liam Neeson Film Provokes PETA Boycott

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, leader of the Grey Equality Transition (GET) at the Greenygrey. I am upset to see the grey name tarnished in the The Grey film, which regurgitates the demonic wolfophobic style grey wolf image that has led to the wolf’s extinction in most regions of the world.

Grey Balance

If anything has suffered a horrific nightmare in the human-wolf relationship, it is the grey wolf, with communities of the animal that gave us our ‘best friend’ in the dog, wiped out around the world.

And yet, in the 21st century, as the grey wolf attempts to survive in its old territories like Yellowstone, after the wonderful reintroduction in 1995, The Grey might set the image of the wolf back again, and provoke some people into wanting to hunt the brave and wise big wild dog.

Jaws is thought to have led to a big rise in shark deaths after it monsterised the species. We hope that not one wolf dies as a result of The Grey, but fear there might be multiple deaths.

PETA Boycott

We thought about ignoring the film, after first mentioning it in the December blog stating that our Grey’s Werewolf of Oz shouldn’t be mixed up with The Grey, as we thought publicity might create more interest.

But PETA has called for a boycott after the star of the film, Liam Neeson,  boasted of eating wolf before making the film, so we have responded.

We are glad to say that Marc Latham has just written an article about it on Suite 101: http://marc-latham.suite101.com/the-grey-anti-wolf-movie-has-angered-animal-rights-activists-a402594

If you do choose to watch it, we hope you will treat it as the fiction it is.

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