Small Bird Poem Provided by the Werewolf of Oz

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Thanks for all your visits this week. Our sister blog, the Werewolf of Oz, is nearing its conclusion now, after two years of virtual travelling across Australia by google maps to the Wizard of Oz theme, so that has been taking precedence lately.
There’ll be another Folding Mirror especially written for this blog on Monday, but in the meantime, I just noticed that a poem on the WoO blog mirrors, so I thought I’d include it below.
The 70 poems in the WoO story are written in the literary nonsense style pioneered by Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, looking at things from the opposite or upside down view, so fit in with the reverse mirror theme of the Folding Mirror form, although most don’t mirror structurally.
The following little poem was inspired by a place called Mollymook in Australia, with Molly Mook becoming the crow landlady of the Rowdy Rook. Here it is:
I said we were doing well,
but the offer sounded as swell
as the wave just approaching,
so how faraway is the Rook
as the crow flies, Molly Mook.

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