Werewolf of Oz Free Loan and WWF Earth Hour


Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Sorry there hasn’t been much activity here lately, but the call of the wild (hot spring sun) took us off to the mountains for a few days. There’ll hopefully be some photos online soon, and you’ll be informed as soon as possible afterwards. I’ve topped up my vitamin D after the winter hibernation (and our [Green and Grey] time apart of course), so I’m feeling full of vitality.

Free Werewolf of Oz Book 

Grey’s epic comedy-fantasy magic-realism Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps book will be free to download for Amazon Prime customers tomorrow and Monday. 

Amazon Prime has a free month’s trial running if you don’t already have it. Amazon also has an app for computers, so you don’t have to own a kindle.

The times when it’s available are from 12am (midnight) Sunday Pacific time (America), which is 2am Eastern time (America), 7am UT/GMT (UK). Some of Europe is an hour later than UT/GMT, and India is 5.5 hours ahead. Australia is 8 hours ahead of UT/GMT on the west coast (where Grey started its Ozyssey), and 11 hours on the east coast (where Grey’s Ozyssey reached a thrilling conclusion). New Zealand is half a day ahead of UT/GMT at 12 hours. It’ll be available for two days until midnight on Monday Pacific time.

WWF Earth Hour

Another epic global event is happening today, with WWF’s Earth Hour taking place across the world. People are turning their lights off across the world between 8.30 and 9.30pm UT/GMT. Save money and energy: sounds like a good idea. Enjoy!

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