Werewolf of Oz: the Published Book Explained

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We’re delighted to bring you the first instalment of Grey’s edited and published Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic comedy-fantasy book. After I (we) made the first fantasy solo expedition of North America by google maps in 2008, Grey made the first fantasy solo (or even semi-solo, as it was only one half of the Greenygrey at the time) expedition of Australia (Oz) between 2010-2012. It was quite some journey.

The Cover Image

They say the cover is one of the most important parts of a book, and so we wanted to produce a bright cover that captured the essence of the story. Marc Latham let us use a photo of his from outside Vinales in north-west Cuba; the sun was setting and a lone local was walking out of town on the long road somewhere. The trees, a house and the road were lit up.

The image therefore combines many of the key elements of the Werewolf of Oz: lone travel, nature, human settlements, the road, mystery, the unknown and sunshine.

The Cover Creation 

Using Photo Impact we chose a turquoise background. Then we added the solo Grey’s image to the road at the bottom of the photo, and our image at the top of the photo, to signify the epic journey Grey would have to take across Oz for us to be reunited; and our two halves to have some laughs.

Then we added the title and author, giving Marc Latham the credit, as he edited it.

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