Werewolf of Oz reaches Bunbury, Western Australia,

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s the story of Grey’s time in Bunbury, Western Australia, which was first told in the Werewolf of Oz blog, and is now available to download on Kindle as an epic comedy-fantasy digital book from the image above.


I bade farewell to Margaret Rivers at first light, and Margaret River at third; refreshed after wonderful winks that far exceeded forty.

Roadrunner to Bunbury

It was a beautiful sunny morning and I felt like cruising down the highway with the wind in my hair. So I shapeshifted into a roadrunner and picked up some speed. However, this of course meant the wind was in my feathers, which wasn’t quite the same; and I also felt like a bit of a turncoat against my ol’ hero, Wile E. Coyote.

There They Go-Go-Go!
There They Go-Go-Go! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nevertheless, it was a most enjoyable journey down the freeway, and I arrived in Bunbury in time for brunch. The name of the city made me bun hungry, and I looked for a bakery after changing into a human. I thought a roadrunner looking for food in the middle of a surprisingly large metropolis would have raised at least one eyebrow too many.

Buried Buns in the Bunbury Basement

I thought Bunbury would be full of bakeries, but a local called Rose Hotel told me they were called bunneries in Bunbury; and they were all underground on the edge of town to keep them cool in the hot summers.

So I hiked to the edge of town, and lo and behold, found big basement bunneries serving the most delicious cool fresh buns. The benefit of burying buns was confirmed on first bite.

Dipping into the Dolphin Discovery Centre

While bun-munching by the counter I got talking to a dolphin called Dolly; she had swum up from Koombanna Bay (the bunnery had land, sea and air entrances). Dolly said Koombanna is an idyllic spot, and invited me over.

So I shapeshifted into a dolphin after my last bite of bun, and spent a wonderful evening swimming in the cool Koombanna waters with a dozen dolphins.

Yes, it had been some day, fitting in roadrunning and dolphining either side of biting through a baker’s dozen of Bunbury’s best buried buns.

As I drifted on the ocean waves under a starry moonlit night in that twilight time between sleepiness and slumber I could hear the cetaceans clicking under the water and thought I heard dogs barking above it from the distant shore. The latter would soon lead me on another amazing adventure.


Cetacean – large marine mammal, such as whale, dolphin and porpoise.
There is a Rose Hotel in Bunbury.
Wile E. Coyote (cartoon coyote).


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