Folding Mirror Poem featured on Poetry Site

FMPoetry is proud to report that Caroline Gill’s ‘Thalatta, Thalatta’ Folding Mirror poem has been published on the Immagine & Poesia website, complemented by the above Four Elements image by Adel Gorgy.
Since first being published here on fmpoetry just over three years ago, the poem was also one of the FM examples used in Lewis Turco’s Book of Odd and Invented Poetry Forms.
IMMAGINE&POESIA describes itself as ‘the international artistic literary movement founded in Torino, Italy, in 2007, under the Patronage of the late Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas.’
‘The Charter Members were Aeronwy Thomas (poet and writer), Gianpiero Actis (painter), Silvana Gatti (painter), Sandrina Piras (poet) and Lidia Chiarelli (coordinator and ideologist of the Movement).’
‘American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Italian artist Ugo Nespolo are members of IMMAGINE&POESIA’s Honorary Committee.’

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