More Laughs than a Tickled Hyena in Latest Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We can’t be bothered creating anything new, so here’s the next thrilling episode of the classic epic comedy-fantasy Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.


The Collie twins whispered amongst themselves, before telling me they thought my story sounded suspicious. They had heard of the legendary Greenygreys, but one hadn’t been seen in these parts for many a century, and they had never heard of one dividing into Green and Grey.

I was starting to think the game was up, but then the Shetland sheepdog I’d seen earlier returned.

Saved by a Hero

It introduced itself as Lassie, and said that with its fantastic hearing ability it had overheard part of our conversation. Lassie then got me off the hook by telling the Collies that it recognised me as one half of the Greenygrey from I’m A Celebrity Werewolf…Get Me Out of Here. It had been studying the programme on the Full Moon Satellite Channel for a part in an upcoming film, so had taken particular notice.

I then realised it was THE Lassie, legendary Hollywood star. I felt full-on  flabbergastation to have met a fellow celebrity way out in the outback; to be saved by a dog that I’d admired for so long because of its saving ability was like a dream come true.


Lassie (2005 film)
Lassie (2005 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colin and Ollie relaxed once Lassie had saved the day,
and welcomed me to Collie with tails awaggay,
I shapeshifted back, slowly fading to Grey,
we entered the town, with Lassie leading the way.

Collie is Proud of its Colliering

I saw at once how proud Collie is of its colliering. While many of their buns are exported to Bunbury, they also keep enough to feed all the Collie collies.

Lassie took me to some of the finest bunneries Collie has to offer, and we feasted on bunches of buns. I think my favourite was the collar bone collie bun, which was the shape of a collar bone, and came in several different sizes; such as collie, wolf and human.

In the afternoon, we visited the Wellington National Park for a scenic forest and river walk. I was surprised it was so green, and that of course reminded me of my Green other half. I hoped ol’ Green was still okay back home. We frequented the Bunfields Museum in the evening, where there were bun-mining exhibits going back centuries.

Lassie provided shelter that night, and as we chatted until late my plans changed. I’d said I was heading to Perth next, but Lassie suggested I detour to the small town of Latham, which it considered quite interesting.

The name reminded me of our ol’ partner, Marc Latham, so I thought I’d take Lassie’s advice. It’s funny how travel plans can change overnight. Well, maybe not that funny; in humorous terms anyway. Sometimes I forget this is supposed to be a comedy!


Laughing cat
Laughing cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A collie laughing all over
A collie laughing all over (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Mesto Laughing
English: Mesto Laughing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A scene of Felix "laughing" from &qu...
A scene of Felix "laughing" from "Felix in Hollywood" (1923). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Laughing Buddha on Feilai Feng in Hangzhou
The Laughing Buddha on Feilai Feng in Hangzhou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The town of Collie has a coalfields museum.
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (reality television show).


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