Eagles’s Hotel California Theme and Updated Theme

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Great news, it’s another Werewolf of Oz day… so we don’t have to do any deep thinking! Actually, we just did, because we updated our titles. We hope you like them, as well as this latest episode of the greatest Werewolf of Oz story ever… and possibly THE great Australian novel…


I awoke still on the edge of Latham. I was beginning to think I only existed in Latham.

Viewing Latham from the Other Side

Hunger and thirst finally inspired my return to the town centre. The sign was the right way round this time, clearly spelling out: LATHAM.

As I returned to where I’d been before, I saw the same people playing football. Their ball went flying off the pitch to the other side, landing at the feet of what looked like another me. The ‘other me’ kicked it back, before talking with the players. Then they all went to the same pub we’d frequented.

Eagles and the Hotel California

I felt perplexed, and thought I’d better find somewhere to chill out and get my mind right. I looked up into the hazy midday heat. A couple of eagles seemed to be leading me somewhere; waving their wings in a southerly direction.

Hotel California (song)
Hotel California (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I followed them until they flew down and rested on a hotel called California. I thought it was a strange name for an establishment in Western Australia, but I suppose it isn’t that extraordinary really. I rented a room and went straight to bed.



Getting the mind right is another Cool Hand Luke theme.
The strange events in Latham were probably inspired by shows like The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, Lost and American Gothic.
Eagles and song (Hotel California). There’s no Hotel California in the town of Latham as far as we know.


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