England Euro 2012 after Jessica Ennis Image

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Tonight, Roy the Redeemer rescued England’s Euro 2012 with a masterful formation change and inspirational substitution, bringing Theo Walcott on to turn the game versus the valiant Swedes.

Jessica Ennis Olympics 2012 Image

Even before that, the British media were reporting that Britain’s Olympic heptathlon hope, Jessica Ennis, has had her image painted into a field so it will be seen by people flying into the UK.

And guess what colour the image on the green grass is? Yes, if you guessed grey you’d be right. Here’s the image:

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Eagles’s Hotel California Theme and Updated Theme

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Great news, it’s another Werewolf of Oz day… so we don’t have to do any deep thinking! Actually, we just did, because we updated our titles. We hope you like them, as well as this latest episode of the greatest Werewolf of Oz story ever… and possibly THE great Australian novel…


I awoke still on the edge of Latham. I was beginning to think I only existed in Latham.

Viewing Latham from the Other Side

Hunger and thirst finally inspired my return to the town centre. The sign was the right way round this time, clearly spelling out: LATHAM.

As I returned to where I’d been before, I saw the same people playing football. Their ball went flying off the pitch to the other side, landing at the feet of what looked like another me. The ‘other me’ kicked it back, before talking with the players. Then they all went to the same pub we’d frequented.

Eagles and the Hotel California

I felt perplexed, and thought I’d better find somewhere to chill out and get my mind right. I looked up into the hazy midday heat. A couple of eagles seemed to be leading me somewhere; waving their wings in a southerly direction.

Hotel California (song)
Hotel California (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I followed them until they flew down and rested on a hotel called California. I thought it was a strange name for an establishment in Western Australia, but I suppose it isn’t that extraordinary really. I rented a room and went straight to bed.



Getting the mind right is another Cool Hand Luke theme.
The strange events in Latham were probably inspired by shows like The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, Lost and American Gothic.
Eagles and song (Hotel California). There’s no Hotel California in the town of Latham as far as we know.


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New Phrases: Light at the End of the Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon.

I noticed a new greenygreyism recently. There was an image of a tree-lined road with sunshine breaking through at the end of it. I thought it could be called ‘the light at the end of the greenygrey’, as a nature variation of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’.

This is the kind of scene it could be used for:

English: Tree lined 4th Street in Old Louisvil...
English: Tree lined 4th Street in Old Louisville. Taken by uploader Censusdata. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Wolf Pup Orphan tops Wildlife News

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, newshound at the Greenygrey. We don’t usually forward Defenders of Wildlife news, but we were so moved by their story about a wolf pup (and the cute photo) that we thought we would today.

Wolf Pup Mistaken for Dog

The pup was picked up by well-intentioned campers in Idaho who thought it was a lost dog puppy. But when they took it to the local sheriff’s office it was identified as a wolf pup.

The bad news is that Defenders of Wildlife tried to find its pack for two weeks, but couldn’t locate it. The good news is that several wildlife rescue centres have offered it a home.

Good News for Wildlife

Some other good news stories in the latest Defenders of Wildlife newsletter were:

  • More land has been bought to give Florida panthers more room to roam.
  • More protection for hammerhead sharks in Costa Rican waters.
  • California condor numbers have risen from 22 to over 400 in twenty-five years.
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Werewolf of Oz latest Episode not worth Anticipation

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We hope you’ve been having a nice weekend. We hope you haven’t been eagerly awaiting a bumper Werewolf of Oz episode, as this one’s not an epic. You could say it’s a bit of an anti-climax!


It had all gone weird in Latham, and I seemed to have lost track of self, space and time.

Hearing Voices 

I tried to rise, but felt groggy and my head hurt, so I lay back down. Then I heard something say: ‘You think you’re big, don’t you.’

I looked up and could see nothing around. I thought I must be hearing voices in my confused state.

But then I heard it again: ‘You think you’re big, don’t you.’

And this time it was followed by: ‘Oi, you big bundle of grey fluff, you think you’re big don’t you, you can’t even see me down here.’

Antstronauts Anyone

I looked down and saw the irritant upstart was an ant. It was carrying a massive weight on its back, and working hard herding aphids. I felt quite guilty, sleeping off a hangover, while that wee chap was working so hard.

English: Location: branch of walnut-tree. Acto...
English: Location: branch of walnut-tree. Actors:ants carrying a body . Ant holds the aphids in mandibles and transmits it to its target - leaf on walnut-tree. Česky: Umístění: větev ořešáku. Aktéři: mravenec a mšice. Mravenec drží mšici v čelistech a přenáší ji do jejího cíle - na list ořešáku. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t know what to say, and it soon went on its way. I returned to the land of nod, dreaming of antstronauts exploring the universe.

Ant study 1
Ant study 1 (Photo credit: Lone Primate)

If you liked this, you may like Marc Latham’s Ant Theory of Humanity.

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England Manager Roy Hodgson Statue in Glorious Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. After the Queen got into the Greenygrey spirit in what has been a very greenygrey weather-landscape week, we were amazed to see the England football manager copying her today (okay, it is a PR stunt by a leading bookmaker).

Images of a 100-feet (30 metres) England football coach Roy Hodgson statue made out in glorious greenygrey on the Dover cliffs are appearing in the British media .

The Greenygrey is not a miracle worker, and the England team is depleted, so we can’t predict a tournament win, but we wish the England team well. Here’s some images, with the story and more images linked to from the images:

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Poem about Changing Views and Perceptions

Images of the spiral galaxy Messier_100 demons...
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by seeing the above image while writing a blog about humanity’s place in the grand scheme of things; and the explanation about how the improving of a lens can dramatically alter what we see, and what we perceive. What is true for space is also of course true for our world. Here’s the poem:
Orbital Perceptions
What we see is never
likely to be all there is.
It depends on what eyes tell brain,
the power and clarity of lens or media,
or the position of Earth and Sun.
Look to the sky and see the colours of day
when the planet’s axis tilts one half towards light
the other side of the world is viewing the stars.
How much of the cosmos is seen
could depend on whether in city or country
and whether an expert or novice astronomer.
Our mind often misses what’s there
and makes up what’s not.
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk).

Queen’s Humble Inspires a non-Grumble, only Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. As our dear leader, Citizen Queen, said she was humbled by all the crowds for her diamond jubilee, we are humbled by all your visits to our website. While we consider the Queen as one ordinary woman, she has led an extraordinary and resilient life, so we think she has done a good job, and is a great role model and figurehead… although there are many other such women around the UK, and some also have to struggle to survive in cold winters.

As for people being put off visiting Blighty by the greenygrey weather over the Jubilee weekend, I don’t think so. Most people I talked to abroad seem to think Britain is foggy, cold and wet, so any visitors probably think any hot sunny weather is a surprise bonus.

English: Codale Tarn A mixed day of sunshine a...
English: Codale Tarn A mixed day of sunshine and cloud as this photo illustrates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People don’t visit chilly Iceland for a beach holiday, flat Netherlands for mountains or landlocked Switzerland for cruises. Britain has much to offer, and is a relatively safe location between Mediterranean earthquakes and Arctic volcanoes, but hot sunny weather is not high on the list.

English: Balloon over Grumble Hall
English: Balloon over Grumble Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Werewolf of Oz reaches Latham

Anyway, it’s beginning to sound more grumble than humble, so here’s some more Werewolf of Oz:


I left Lassie in limbo; between saving me and the next lucky one. I waved back at my hero-dog as I left Collie and headed out on the road to Latham. I walked for hours, but never really felt like I was getting nearer: like some things you just can’t reach.

Strother Martin
Strother Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also passed signs for a more direct route to Perth on the way, and wondered if I’d made the right decision; but Latham did sound somewhat interesting.

Walking All Over Latham

I decided to shapeshift into an emu, and the decision did not seem bird-brained, as I at last felt like I was getting somewhere. I reached Latham without knowing it in the end, because the welcome sign said MAHTAL rather than LATHAM, like in some kind of a mirror effect. My bird-brain surprised me when it worked it out before reaching the town centre. I shifted back into human shape soon after.

The town seemed nice when I got inside, with lots of people happily playing sports and doing fun things in forested parks and pristine lakes.

However, then I crossed the tracks and it didn’t seem as rosy over the other side, with lots of people surviving in the sewers and slaving in sweat shops; this not surprisingly led to a rather depressing atmosphere. I felt more at home on this side of the tracks funnily enough. I think Green would have preferred the other.

Twentieth-Century British People Used as Forced Labour

A ball fell into my path, and I kicked it back to its owners. We got talking, and after I told them of my exiling experience they said they could relate to it, as they had been promised Oranges and Sunshine before being sent away as child migrants fifty years ago.


They said they had been used as forced labour, which was something I thankfully hadn’t had to endure. Life had improved for them now, and they took me to their local pub for lunch. I found it difficult to leave; not having anywhere else to go.

I awoke on the edge of town.



In Cool Hand Luke there is a famous quote including the line ‘Some men you just can’t reach’. It was later used by Guns N’ Roses to introduce their Civil War song.
Oranges and Sunshine tells the story of poor British ‘Home Children’ being sent from the UK to suffer abuse and forced labour in Commonwealth countries from the 1860s to 1970s. They were promised bright futures before leaving.


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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Woods in Glorious Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. While we would ideally like to see a republic or return of  pagan royalty, we think the Queen has done a grand job overall, and so she should enjoy her Diamond Jubilee after 60 years of diligent service.

Queen’s Successes and Limits

Queen Elizabeth II has also helped prevent a President Thatcher or President Blair, and King Charles should prevent a President Cameron. I think we should have the right to vote though. Kate has also been a fantastic recent addition to the family.

While we’re sorry that the weather has been mostly grey for all the people out and about celebrating, we think it might be good in some ways, to prevent royalty’s most fanatical supporters from thinking the royal family have some kind of direct line to God, and therefore receive favourable weather.

It was nice to see the Queen get into the Greenygrey spirit:

And to see an impressive greenygrey display:

Diamond Jubilee Woods: 60 new Forests to Celebrate 

This celebration is special to us because sixty new woods have been planted around Britain to celebrate the occasion. The Jubilee Woods project should help Britain remain greenygrey rather than grey in the future.

We also like the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods map, showing Britain in glorious greenygrey, with the green landscape above grey rock foundations.


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The Greenygrey of Green and Grey Ages

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon. I noticed that there has been much discussion on this site lately about green and grey in terms of age. So I decided to investigate in our beloved Free Online Dictionary.

Dictionary (Photo credit: noricum)

The Greenygrey of Green

The dictionary shows there are positive and negative uses for green in terms of age.

The positive is ‘Youthful; vigorous’; while the negative is ‘Naive; gullible’.

The Greenygrey of Grey

The dictionary also shows there are positive and negative uses for grey in terms of age.

The positive is ‘Neutral; venerable’; while the negative is ‘Ancient; dull’.

That’s all for now, and I hope you give these definitions the green light, or at least consider them a grey area.

English: Grey and Green Beneath the M1.
English: Grey and Green Beneath the M1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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