Poem about Caterpillar and Butterfly Metamorphosis

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is the 121st of 121 in his upcoming 242 Folding Mirror Poems and Reflections book. He intended to write the introduction for the book this morning, but instead wrote another FM poem! We’ll hopefully bring you that next week. Here’s poem 121; it’s written as the butterfly and its previous states are usually physically seen, with butterfly in air down to grounded egg; it can be read chronologically from the bottom:
Butterfly in Flight
Butterfly in Flight (Photo credit: Christine ™)
The Caterpillar and Butterfly: Metamorphosis in the Middle
Angels love the way butterflies manifest
shimmering wings harmoniously synchronise
fluttering over aromatic magnoliophyta
free after metamorphosis in pupa.
One type of colourful creature entered
different looking one emerged
tissue, limbs and organs alter
and flightless bug has a bright future.
hanging out on a branch, having eaten leaves for brunch
A pretty pleasant crawler is the caterpillar
leading double life as larva
sometimes allying with ants
and shedding cuticles instar stage apolysis.
Originating in a leaf-glued egg
on certain species-specific host-plants
seemingly inactive and vulnerable
but all the time appropriating defences.
English: Io moth caterpillar seen on the wall ...
English: Io moth caterpillar seen on the wall to the visitors center building in Loxahtachee National wildlife Refuge, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc Latham’s central website is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Olympics 2012: Fine Zen of Fencing

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, with the latest sports news from the Olympics. Congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead and Rebecca Adlington for winning Team GB’s first gold medals, and to the men’s footie team for their first win too.

Team GG

Team GG noticed great greenygrey performances by the Lithuanian swimming team (tracksuits and caps), and also the Italian synchronised divers (swimsuits).

But it was the fencing that really got our attention on Day 2.

We found that just watching the fencing without sound was quite surreal. With the fencers looking grey a lot of the time, and green or red lights being used to show when the fencers scored, we thought it was quite reminiscent of the Greenygrey world, with Grey providing the foundation, and Green brightening it up at times.

Yes, some fine zen moments indeed.

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Werewolf of Oz Episode to Cheer Up GG Team GB Supporters

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, we’ve held our sports correspondent back for another day, after GG’s fave team, Team GB, had a disastrous  disappointing first day. At least the GB ladies football team had another good win, and Brazil’s ladies have chosen to employ the Greenygrey backroom staff that worked so well for Portugal in Euro 2012. Here’s a photo of the BACKroom staff in action from the BBC coverage:

We thought we’d cheer up all GG fans Team GB supporters with an episode of Grey’s comedy-fantasy classic Werewolf of Oz, and here it is:


I gathered momentum after passing Coorow, and was soon on the Green Head Road. This of course reminded me of my other half Green, and I became quite nostalgic once again. At least it took my mind off Latham, which was pushed to the extremities of my memories.

Greyt Welcome for Grey in Grey

I was making good progress toward Perth when I found myself on the Grey Road to Grey. Unbelievable I know, but true and totally unplanned! If I was writing pure fiction I wouldn’t dare include it! It’s finding hidden little treasures like this that keep the magic of virtual travelling alive for me.

When I entered Grey there was another surprise (purely fictional this time!), because there were welcome signs for me everywhere. One read: ‘The Grey is Greyt’; while another went a little too far for my liking, although it did sound rather tasty: ‘The Grey is Veggie Gravy Filled with Fried Onions on Top of Mashed Potato and Mushrooms.’ I appreciated the thought all the same… and the recipe.

We had a greyt night.

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Olympic Opening Ceremony Photo Highlights

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol. The Olympics 2012 opening ceremony lived up to Greenygrey expectations, with the average British weather of dry and cloudy providing comfortable and authentic conditions for the spectators, and setting the tone for a very pleasant spectacular.

Green and Pleasant Land to Pandemonium

The Greenygrey provided the foundation for the opening ceremony, with the green and pleasant land giving way to the Pandemonium of the grey industrial revolution written about by John Milton in Paradise Lost.

As the grey skies darkened it was time for the lights and fireworks to star, and the Greenygrey could rest knowing it had done its job; and what a fine stint it put in.

Good on Humanity, no Animal Representation

It was nice to see all the UK represented in London 2012, but a shame that no wild animals were symbolically represented.

It was a great occasion on the human side though, and nice to see the Queen joining in with humour (in the film anyway!), the NHS and builders represented, those lost in 7/7, and the future generation lighting the torch. It was also great to see Team Ireland wearing a spectacular Greenygrey uniform.

Here’s our Greenygrey photo highlights from the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony:

The Red Arrows fly over the Olympic Stadium:

Greenygrey Britain is represented as an ancient pleasant land:

A Greenygrey cauldron:

Team Ireland choose a Greenygrey uniform for the opening ceremony:

Now, on with the games…

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Olympics Opening Ceremony set to be Greenygrey Spectacular

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol. They brought me in for today’s blog, as ‘Werewolfie’ is probably going to have a lot of sport to report in the next fortnight, and today’s Olympic opening ceremony is more art than sport. And what a greenygrey spectacular Danny Boyle‘s essence of greenygrey UK creation looks set to be.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Photos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I am more artist than writer, so here’s a few thousand words worth of what could be the most spectacular display of greenygrey ever!:

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Olympic Stadium, Park Photos and Map

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, I think I’m in for a busy fortnight with the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony tomorrow, and the ladies’ football getting the games under way yesterday. Congratulations to the Team GB women for their 1-0 win, and apologies to the North Korean ladies for the Boratish (see yesterday’s blog) mistake with their flag!

Olympic Stadium and Park in Environmentally Friendly Greenygrey

We think the architects and builders have done a great job in capturing the essence of greenygrey in the Olympic stadium and park, with lots of greenery and water to offset the construction, and it’s also supposed to be the most environmentally friendly Olympic stadium.

So we’re proud to bring you several photos here that highlight that. They are mostly from the London 2012 site, apart from the second one, which is from the Guardian; found after a google search.

Our favourite photo at the Greenygrey is the futuristic UFOesque/diving dolphin Aquatic Centre, which really shows the greenygrey in its best constructed state:

And it’s even greenygrey inside:

Here’s a close-up of the greenery and water outside:

This night shot captures green grass between grey cloud nature and grey construction stadium:

And if you want to find your way around the stadium for the opening ceremony you can download this greenygrey map by clicking on it:

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Sunshine for Olympics makes Britain seem more Bearable

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, celebrity naturalist at the Greenygrey. I was thinking this week how Olympic athletes have seen the two sides of Britain since their arrival last week, with the greenygrey weather of last weekend breaking into hot sunshine for the southern half of Britain over the last few days. The greenygrey weather has travelled farther south now, so it is a shorter journey north for any athletes in London who are pining for more greenygrey.

Borat of Kazakhstan Bear Hunting

The international feel to Britain at the moment reminded me of a fellow from Kazakhstan I saw talking about bears in his country; Borat was his name. Here he is in glorious greenygrey:

Cover of "Borat - Cultural Learnings of A...
Cover via Amazon

He said he used to hunt bears in his country, but didn’t any more; because there were none left.

It’s the same kind of situation in Britain; although the government laudably banned hunting with dogs ten years ago, and we do have some of the best  animal welfare legislation in the world now.

Is Britain Bearable?

We do lack big wild animals like those seen in North America and some European countries. The sunshine of recent days makes me think that Britain would be even better with some bears in the wild; maybe even some sun bears.

English: One of Wellington Zoo's sun bears rel...
English: One of Wellington Zoo’s sun bears relaxes in the afternoon sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It would probably need high strong fences to keep the animals in a reserve though; and protect them from humans and other predators… and vice-versa.

I saw a similar scheme in Australia on Secrets of our Living Planet, presented by Chris Packham, with the title of Killer Moggy of Oz reminding me of Grey’s amazing book title Werewolf of Oz.

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Werewolf of Oz reminded of Pink Floyd and Prince in Oz Outback

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We’ve got one regular feature following hot on the heels of the other one again this week. The next thrilling instalment of Amazon’s best-selling werewolf travelling around Australia to the theme of the Wizard of Oz Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps is only half a day after last night’s newest Marc Latham Folding Mirror poem. Things sure are hotting up at the Greenygrey. Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble, reminding me of my/our classic first ramble around North America, and I can’t hope to compete with Mr. Wolfhol’s poetry introduction, so here’s Grey’s Werewolf of Oz:


Australian Desert
Australian Desert (Photo credit: stefan0)

The desert chose my direction, or at least limited my options; I was heading to north and new, and the alternative was south and scary. I was happy to be. Just to be. To be without decisions, pressures and stress. To be the only life I could see. To be able to sing thinking I was in harmony; without anyone to contradict me. Although my feet kept to the road, my mind flew this way and that; to the north, west, south and east horizons; looking north to the future, south at the past, and wondering about what I have missed and will miss to the east and west. Sometimes my thoughts settled into the outback, nothing in nothingness; it was a nice place to be.

Pigeons Line the Coorow Road

As I approached Coorow on the Coorow Road, there were hundreds of pigeons on either side of my route. They were cooing a poem that rang a bell somewhere in my mind, so my brain was hearing a repetitive: ‘ding, dong, coo, coo, ding, dong, coo, coo.’

I wasn’t too amused at first, and thought the town could do with a coup to stop all the cooing, but then it began to sound sweeter and more melodic the more I heard it.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 26:  An inflatable...
LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 26: An inflatable pig flies above Battersea Power Station in a recreation of Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ album cover on September 26, 2011 in London, England. The classic Pink Floyd album artwork was recreated to mark the release of several digitally remastered versions of their albums. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

I finally worked out that it was Marc Latham’s Pigeons on the Wing they were reciting; a poem pastiche of Pink Floyd’s Pigs on the Wing also incorporating Prince’s When Doves Cry written from a pigeon point of view ending on a high with the lines:

‘Through blue skies to green trees,
where we coo in peace.’



As well as the author’s own travel experiences, Jack Kerouac and Paul Theroux’s travel memoirs probably inspired the first paragraph, although the author had not read either’s writing for eight months beforehand.

Prince and song (When Doves Cry).
Pink Floyd and song (Pigs on the Wing).


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Poem about Love being like a Drug

Last week was one of positives and negatives in the creation of the 242 Folding Mirror Poems and Reflections book, with a new poem created, but another duplicate found. That left one more poem to create to reach 121 Folding Mirror poems.  The good news is that it was written today. This is the poem written last week.
It was written after an article reported that the striatum part of the brain is connected with desires for love and drugs, as proposed by an old Roxy Music song.
Sky in the sky
Sky in the sky (Photo credit: luvi)
Blue Skies, Delta Blues
Try not to stray from the Striatum
must come down…
in a hole
thunder is over there
clouds of despair
dealt the blues
dragon looms
The Greyest of Blue Skies (album)
The Greyest of Blue Skies (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc Latham’s Central site is @ greenygrey.co.uk (http:www.greenygrey.co.uk)

British Prime-Ministers’ Greenygrey Photo Opportunity

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, legendary newshound at the Greenygrey. As greenygrey becomes symbolic of balance and unity, trust and truthfulness in the United Kingdom, British Prime-Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, chose a greenygrey background for their most recent press conference, as shown in this Birmingham Post photo:

Disclaimer: The Greenygrey was not consulted on the photo, and has no connection to Cameron and Clegg, or the Conservative and Liberal Democrats political parties. It also warns people not to trust all combinations of green and grey, because as all that glitters is not gold, all that is greenygrey is not good.

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