Higgs Boson Find Explained in Glorious Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing, science correspondent at the Greenygrey. It was very exciting news this week about scientists having found the Higgs boson, which is thought to be the missing link in explaining everything from the Big Bang, and has been nicknamed the God-particle.

Higgs Boson in a Sub-atomic Nutshell

The Higgs boson is the particle that is thought to have provided the mass that helped bind particles together after the Big Bang. This was explained on the BBC by Jonathon Amos.

Greenygrey Version

During a video of Brian Cox (in glorious greenygrey) explaining the relevance of the Higgs boson find on the BBC, we saw a greenygrey explanation of how life on earth started:

In this image taken from the video we can see a green and a grey meeting by chance, and combining into a greenygrey. And that basically explains how life forms in the universe.

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