Werewolf of Oz Returns: with not much Changed!

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. As Mr. Wolfhol said yesterday, all the sport over the past three weeks has provided a break for some of our regular features. Why, we haven’t posted a new episode of the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps for a while.

World Record Blog Pause?

It’s been such a long time it could be a (human) world record for a blog story pause? We’d like to say it was a carefully planned strategy to increase the tension of Grey’s nightmares, but to tell you the truth, we just haven’t got around to blogging it, as we’ve had so much else to write about.

Yes, that’s the advantage of a blog I suppose, that we can just stop and start the story whenever; and hopefully it has increased the impact and enjoyment for regular Werewolf of Oz readers. If it was in a book we’d have had to leave several pages empty, wasting paper; or in a film leave a blank screen for several minutes, and you’d probably have left the cinema! Maybe you have lost interest though, or never had any. We’ll probably never know…

Anyway, we’re back to Greenygrey’s Rambles, which was a completely different tale, so here’s the latest Werewolf of Oz episode:


I seemed to sleep for an age. I dreamt the Greenygrey world was sunny all the time now I wasn’t there, and everything lived joyously under neverending blue skies. I envisaged Blighty being so brighty that stars dropped to Earth in the form of birds to re-energise their glows amongst the overabundance of sparkling effervescence.

Six pointed Star of Birds
Six pointed Star of Birds (Photo credit: zeevveez)

I also wondered if my other half Green had forgotten me already, and joined with blue and yellow, which are after all its constituent colours.

Yellow Green & Blue [Friday Flickr Photo Collage]
Yellow Green & Blue [Friday Flickr Photo Collage] (Photo credit: LethaColleen)
And what about my lookalike. Was it connected to me, or was it another me? Was there a message I should understand? Bird-brain or going insane, it all seemed such a pain.

I awoke feeling sick and soaked in sweat. It was all still a mystery.

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