Lord of the Ants Documentary: Animals and Plants Love Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing, science expert at the Greenygrey. I recently saw the title of a documentary on the PBS channel was ‘Lord of the Ants‘, which reminded me of Marc Latham’s ant theory, so I watched it, and it turned out that it is also available on Youtube:

Edward Wilson and Biodiversity

Turns out the documentary is not about Marc Latham at all, but instead about Harvard scientist, Edward Wilson. I hadn’t heard about him before, but Blighty’s very own celebrity naturalist, David Attenborough, says in the documentary that Wilson has done more to awaken the world about environmental threats and remedies than anybody else.

And he started his work studying ants, which he found have a similar kind of society to humanity, just on a smaller scale. As Latham theorised, but Wilson’s work was at a much earlier date of course.

Latham’s theory also differs in that he went into space to propose that there may be something much bigger and better developed watching us as we watch ants.

Plants and Animals love Greenygrey Conditions

When Wilson visited the fertile green forests of the Dominican Republic, which is a biodiversity hotspot (43 minutes into the video), his guide said it was a (grey) cloudy day, and asked Wilson if he liked it.

Wilson replied: ‘I’m not sure if I like it, but I know a lot of the plants and animals like it.’

So, there we have it, the Greenygrey is good.

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