Olympics 2012 Triathlon Conjures Up Thoughts of Greenygrey Evolution Theory

Howldy do, yes, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams with watery Wednesday. And am I glad I waited for Wednesday, after scenes from yesterday’s Team GB Brownlee-dominated men’s triathlon were reminiscent of what Greenygrey evolution theory argues happened in a time now forgotten: when the first Greenygreys left the water and made their homes on land.

Brownlees Training in Greenygrey

Alistair Brownlee took gold for Team GB, and his younger brother, Jonny, took bronze, with Spain’s Javier Gomez taking silver. We’re delighted to report a greenygrey thread leading down from the Brownlees’ home and training environment in the Yorkshire Dales down to the Olympics 2012 medal ceremony. Firstly, here’s a greenygrey image of the Brownlees training in the Yorkshire Dales, taken from a BBC interview, where the greenygrey environment is described as ideal for triathlon training:

Olympics 2012 Greenygrey Triathlon Route

At the start of the race the BBC showed the triathlon route in glorious greenygrey:

Triathletes Reminiscent of Greenygrey Evolution Theory

With the triathletes wearing green caps in the grey water, the swimming provided some glorious greenygrey imagery. This was taken to another level when they emerged from the water, as it was totally reminiscent of what Greenygrey evolution theory (not to be mistaken for the Greenygrey creation myth) considers happened at the origins of our species, when the first Greenygreys left water for land. Here’s an image:

Greenygrey Takes a Back Seat for Triathlon Medal Ceremony

After playing a starring role for much of the triathlon, the Greenygrey was happy to take a back seat for the medal ceremony, and keep to the background:

Sorry, there’s no time for the swimming and cycling today, but we will use them tomorrow to discuss whether a lack of greenygrey in the aquatic centre cost the Team GB swimming team gold.

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