New Mirror Poetry Book Published on Kindle

Further to yesterday’s blog, Marc Latham’s 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections has now been reviewed and published on Amazon Kindle, and is available to view and buy for a token payment price, which has partly been imposed to make the book available to only those who want to read it. People who don’t want to read about the topics covered in the book shouldn’t be as tempted as they might be if it was free.
There was one late change to the poems included, with Libran Scales not really working without its image format, which didn’t translate into the Kindle format, so Basket Case was included. That of course means that all the Folding Mirror poems so far published on this site have now been published.
Thanks again to everybody that has visited this site over the last three years; without your support the book probably wouldn’t have been completed, and certainly wouldn’t have taken the title and form it has.
Have a great Sunday…

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