Australian Weekend Begins with Werewolf of Oz: Beginning of the End

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, our summer-September photos reminded us of Grey’s epic comedy-fantasy travel-quest epic saga Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, so we thought we’d end the week with another thrilling episode of your favourite werewolf travels Australia by Google maps to a Wizard of Oz theme story.

Woman dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West ...
Woman dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it is an important episode, because with Bonzo now travelling alongside it, Grey Werewolf meets its nemesis for the rest of the story: the Monotonous Monotheist. The MMs take the places of the witches in the Wizard of Oz.

Thousands of women and men have been executed/murdered for the power, greed and politics at the historic heart of organised religion, so who’s the baddie? Monotheistic religions did help end pagan life-sacrifices, so they have done some good, although it could be argued that the execution of innocents by monotheistic religions on trumped up charges, and the slaughter of animals without a ‘humane’ system are a kind of sacrifice, to make the persecutors/executors feel closer to their God.

All aboard, then here we go…


The storm seemed to be catching up with us, so I shapeshifted into a flying elephant, which is one of the hardest single-species shapeshifts to accomplish. Looking back on it, I was probably showing off in front of Bonzo; or below him to be more exact. My new friend hung on to my ears for dear life as we flew high over the Kalbarri National Park, which looked so beautiful I somewhat regretted not being on the ground.

Washington DC - National Museum of American Hi...
Washington DC – National Museum of American History: Dumbo car (Photo credit: wallyg)

A couple of hours later I caught sight of Meekatharra for the first time, but couldn’t see any meerkats; I was sure Barry said there was a big community. All I could see was a single human, who seemed to be ranting.

I started to descend slowly, but the storm caught up with us just afterwards. I was spun out of control and we were soon falling like a rock and pebble; until I landed trunk-up on the human. Bonzo was sent sprawling, but was back on his feet before me. I shapeshifted out of elephant first.

The Meerkats Emerge from Hiding

I felt awful to have landed on the human, and Bonzo was distraught. I felt better when masses of meerkats emerged from hiding and seemed to start celebrating with a song that went something like: ‘ding-dong, the monotheist has been put to bed, the monotonous monotheist has been put to bed…’

I was still shocked though, and asked the meerkats what they were so happy about. A couple introduced themselves as Bruce and Sheila Orlovbefore telling me their story.

Robin Smith finds himself surrounded by foragi...
Robin Smith finds himself surrounded by foraging meerkats while filming them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Meerkat-Monotheistic History

They said most of their family had settled in Meerkovo after emigrating from Africa, but they had continued to Oz; building an idyllic meerkat community amongst the wonderful nature in this area. Then a monotonous monotheist (MoMo) arrived, introducing itself as enaB. The MoMo persuaded them to cut all the trees down to build a big new temple, promising them that it would safeguard their future.

There were no problems during the next decade, and they thought they’d done the right thing, but then the rains came. With all the trees chopped down there was nothing to stop flooding in the area. This also polluted the river, so they were left without food and water, and needed to call on their reserves to save the community.

That was when they found out the MoMo had traded all their riches, and left the area while they tried to survive the disaster. It had used its money to grow ever more powerful, and they had been hiding from it ever since. So they felt liberated from a great evil.

I said I knew how they felt after my recent experiences in the Greenygrey world.



Grey’s elephant flight with Bonzo is reminiscent of Disney’s Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse.
Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch of the West (classic film and character).
Orlovs (Compare the Market [Meerkat] advert characters live in Meerkovo).


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