New Science, Space and Nature Documentaries

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, with a round-up of the best  documentaries we’ve seen this week, and that are available on the BBCiplayer to whoever can access it.

 Forming, Diving, Mixing, Copying

  • Seven Ages of Starlight provided a good overview of stars from start to finish, with the best explanation of how hydrogen forms into helium to power stars like our sun we’ve seen. It’s available until this Saturday night.
  • Space Dive told the story of the work that went into Felix Baumgartner’s amazing freefall dive over two years, and lots of coverage of the historic day that showed it was not as straightforward as it looked. It’s available until November 14th.
  • Dara O’ Briain’s Science Club has a wonderful greenygrey collage to advertise it (see above), and an interesting study into how much Neanderthal DNA humans have, with the average about 3-4%. So humans are not so different to us werewolves. Maybe we’ll call you humanderthals from now on! It’s available until November 16th.
  • Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature had lots of nice images and some interesting information about how we’ve copied what animals do naturally. We most liked it because it had a long feature about G-force. It showed the effects of G-9, which looked pretty powerful. It’s available until November 26th.

Although we enjoy working at the Greenygrey, we think 2-G is enough thanks!

Mechanic Balloon
Mechanic Balloon (Photo credit: Blazej Mrozinski)
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