Autumn and Winter Fashion with McCartney, Karl and Bruno

Hi, it’s Stella LagerwolfBruno, fur-free trans-gender fashion correspondent at the Greenygrey. This blog gets so full of politics and religion that sometimes it seems devoid of fun and frizz, and the Greenygrey believes in keeping a balance, so they’ve hired me to bring a touch of fashionable finesse to your favourite werewolf website.

Autumn(Fall)/Winter Fashion in Northern Hemisphere

Sorry to all the southern hemisphere Greenygrey readers, but we’re focusing on the northern hemisphere autumn (fall)/winter fashion, as it needs brightening and hotting up with you lot hogging most of the sunshine heat at this time of year.

We start off our fashion round-up with the autumn/winter colours we like best, and certainly do recommend. Yes, I think you guessed right, our coolest colour-combination, greenygrey:

Alicia Keys at the MTV Awards

And we’re glad to see that it is already being worn to the glitziest parties around town. Even by Alicia Keys at the MTV awards:

And Alicia wore the greenygrey to perfection. Whereas Kim Kardishian stumbled after not balancing her grey, black and white dress with some green. Sounds like the usually cool Kardishian was lager-felled by one of my human parallels!

Susanna Reid at the BBC

Our round-up of the best in autumn/winter fashion ends in the BBC studio, where Susanna Reid brightened up the embattled public service organisation, which still produces lots of great news, documentaries and programmes with a sparkling greenygrey number:

We hope that one day all females will have nothing more to compete and strive for than that special outfit.

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