kjpgarcia kindly followed up on my invitation to be interviewed on his latest poetry book project, and provided a detailed description of what sounds like a truly epic long poem. Thanks Kenyatta.


Marc Latham of Folding Mirror Poetry nominated me to answer a few questions about my next book for a blog meme -The Next Big Thing. I really appreciate all the support FMPoetry.wordpress.com has shown me over the past year or so. I would like to answer some questions about my new book which is now available for Kindle but unfortunately, my work on various other projects has kept me from really looking at other blogs so I don’t have 5 other people to nominate and instead, after answering the questions, I’ll give a brief list of the most recent books I’ve read and enjoyed and one of my favorites which has had the most severe impact upon my writing style/aesthetic.

Ok, so here goes the Q&A.

What is the title of your new book?

For those of you who have noticed a severe drop-off in my posting as of late…

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