Heath Ledger – Croc Dundee Werewolf of Oz Travel Itinerary

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s been such a cold and miserable week in the UK that I  thought it was time for another Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episode. Woops, just seen its contents, and it gets a little sad in the end, so if you need cheering up, maybe you should bale out before the last paragraph.


From what I remember, the poetic form of this werewolf travelling Australia to the theme of Wizard of Oz episode was inspired by a combination of the muse visiting and not having much time/inclination to spend documenting my (Grey) epic fantasy travel journey across Oz. Anyway, I think it turned into some fine literary nonsense, and hope you enjoy it:


Cover of ABBA

We woke up feeling hungover; well, Bonzo and I did. I felt a little better after we cooked up a veggie brekkie on the rekindled bush telly.

Knowing Me, Knowing Hugh, 

We called in the ‘Who’
before leaving Hugh.
Croc and Heath were in there,
having a morning beer.
We joined them for a drink
and asked what do you think
about us leaving for the south?
Croc put hand to mouth.
He spent an eternity thinking,
so we just kept drinking,
with the suspense building.

The Poetry Must Stop

Croc must have sensed that, because the first thing he said was that there’s a time for rhyme and another for straight talking. We knew he was serious when he started crying. Then he told us through crocodile tears that we’d have to get past the ghangiant to cross the border into South Australia.

ghan stand
ghan stand (Photo credit: dannebrog)

We had of course been warned about the ghangiant before, so I listened carefully to Croc’s next words. He said we’d be alright if we travelled through the Rainbow Valley and found Black Footed Rock Wally B, as he had the key to our destiny for entering Oz South.

Heath said he’d tried to make the journey himself once, but the horizon never seemed to get closer until it overtook him.

Heath Ledger's Straw
Heath Ledger’s Straw (Photo credit: sarahridgley)



Black-footed rock wallaby is a macropod species.
Blackfoot (rock band).


Heath Ledger as the Joker
Heath Ledger as the Joker (Photo credit: Stepale)
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