Rainbow Valley Red, Orange, Yellow and Green

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Thanks for all your visits this year, and to those who’ve bought or rented our books. We thought there was only one way to bow out for the holiday season, and that’s with another thrilling episode of your favourite werewolf travels Australia to the theme of Wizard of Oz book.

 It seems that Grey has already had a book full of adventures, but it was only a quarter of the way through its journey when it entered the Rainbow Valley on the border between the Northern Territory and South Australia. Have a great holiday!


After thanking Croc and Heath for their advice we waved farewell to the Hughmongers. It rather tired us out, as for a relatively small town their numbers were humongous.

We soon reached the red rocks entrance into the Rainbow Valley, and it got real colourful from then on.

Rainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley (Photo credit: igormazic)


Red animals abounded within the red of Rainbow Valley. Within the first hour I’d seen red kangaroos, red foxes, red-necked wallabies and redback spiders. Although we could see them clearly, and walked amongst them, no animals acknowledged our existence.

English: Red Kangaroos are common in central A...
English: Red Kangaroos are common in central Australia, although they tend to avoid people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was also red hot there, but the red river did not entice us to its banks.

Mars was the only celestial object visible in the sky, and it glowed brighter than I’d ever seen before; it was indeed a red planet.


The red turned to orange after a few miles, and the temperature cooled somewhat. I was all of a sudden reminded of Halloween, and the autumn/fall season. I saw no animals in orange, and instead it seemed to be full of fruit and vegetables.

Pologne - Toussaint 2010
Pologne – Toussaint 2010 (Photo credit: mayanais)

The natural goodies included pumpkins, nectarines, mangoes, carrots, apricots; and of course, oranges. But even though they looked delicious, we didn’t feel the desire to devour.


Orange faded to yellow an hour or two later, and it felt as if we were inside a golden paradise. It was as if all the gold in the universe was spread out in front of us.

English: Pot of Gold in Arkengarthdale We had ...
Pot of Gold in Arkengarthdale: particularly intense rainbow with its pot of gold somewhere on the valley floor between Faggergill and Whaw. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But even though the gold looked shiny and beautiful, we didn’t feel tempted to extract it and weigh ourselves down; instead, we continued our walkabout.


Sometime later; I was losing track of time to tell you the truth; the yellow turned green, as if mixed with blue. Memories of my Green surged through me. Our happy times together in the past lifted my mood, but then I thought of our current situation, and it made me lethargic.

Green Vegetation
Green Vegetation (Photo credit: Bohemianism)

Thick vegetation also made passage difficult, and tired me out further. I suggested a rest stop, and fell into a deep sleep soon after sitting down.

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