The Sun Falklands Letter to Argentina Inspiration?

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, newshound at Greenygrey News (GNN), probably Britain’s most trusted public service news organisation.

Typical Falklands Road!
Typical Falklands Road! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sun Letter about the Falklands Islands 

Argentina recently posted letter-advertisements claimed sovereignty over the Falklands Islands in British newspapers. Today, Britain’s The Sun newspaper retaliated with a letter in the Buenos Aires Herald to Argentina’s President Kirchner telling her that the Falklands have been British since before the Republic of Argentina was even created.

Pink Floyd
Cover of Pink Floyd

At Greenygrey News we think this mirrors Marc Latham’s comment on Planet Rock back in March 2012, after the Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters had declared support for Argentine sovereignty over the Falklands, as he considered Britain colonial for being there. Latham’s assertion would mean that Waters is suffering from Bridge on the River Kwai Syndrome.

Argentina Created Out of Colonialism 

Indian Flute
Indian Flute (Photo credit: agelakis)

Latham argued that Argentina was hypocritical calling Britain colonial when their country was created out of colonialism:

Marc LathamMar 1st 2012 1:40PM
Argentina is colonialism: Spanish colonialism. The indigenous people have been treated abominably in Latin America, and still are being in some places. Some British people can’t see further than Britain. Give Argentina back to the native people, and let the people on the Falklands decide what they want to be.

Did Latham’s comment inspire The Sun‘s line of argument? We’ll probably never know; we just report the news…

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