Oranges and Sunshine enrich Werewolf of Oz Episode

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I thought we’d start the week off with the first of your two Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episodes. You might think it’s a little early, and so do we.

Oranges and Sunshine
Oranges and Sunshine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oranges and Sunshine on the BBC

However, the decision was made after we saw that the film of the book Oranges and Sunshine is on BBCiplayer this week, after being shown on Saturday night.

The true story it tells of Margaret Humphreys uncovering mass child deportation from Britain to Commonwealth countries, where they suffered abuse, hardship and lies (told they were orphans etc) was the main social inspiration for the way the Werewolf of Oz was told. Grey did of course meet some victims in Latham, Western Australia.

Anyway, enough seriousness, here’s another crazy funny trip to Oz, with a couple of poems to up the pace and make up for time lost in the Rainbow Valley. There is a reference to being caged in the first poem, which could have been a late reference to Oranges and Sunshine.


We travelled west for what seemed like an age,
but it wasn’t like we were trapped in a cage,
the vast distances of the outback stretched out,
and we were totally free to go walkabout.
It was also nice to just sit back and relax,
observe stars dancing on water to the max,
as we passed Lake Cadibarrawirracanna,
the second longest official name in Oztralia.

Lake Cadibarrawirracanna
Lake Cadibarrawirracanna (Photo credit: edh1138)

We continued travelling south at quite a pace in the wide open space, and reached Quorn around midday. We had a magnificent meat substitute lunch there. Wesgrey, Jane and Barkatowt were so full they were going to sleep it off; but we wanted to get going, so we bade them farewell and thanked them for the lift before continuing on foot and paw.

Lost and Found, Time Spins Around 

We couldn’t find the dust sandy path
and were going to visit Whyalla,
but we asked a few people directions,
and they didn’t seem to have a clear answer.

Anchor at Whyalla
Anchor at Whyalla (Photo credit: Community History SA)

We were a little lost, but then saw a giant greenygrey coloured opal which must have escaped the opal trade. It seemed to be pointing in a certain direction, and my hat was shining, so we followed it. Lo and behold, we soon arrived in Adelaide. However, just as I felt our luck was changing for the better, a sudden timequake sent us hurtling into another dimension.

As we span toward an alien ground, I saw we were about to land next to a stadium where there was a weird looking game taking place; like a mixture of Australian rules and cricket merging into football. One team seemed to consist of crows, and the other redbacks. After landing and recovering our composure, we walked toward the stadium, meeting a cane toad along the way.

The Old Gum Tree
The Old Gum Tree (Photo credit: Abi Skipp)

We approached the toad, and introduced ourselves. It reciprocated the pleasantries, introducing itself as Professor Theold Gumtree, expert in the field of timetravelicity. I told Theold about our in the wrong place at the wrong time predicament, and asked if he knew of a solution.

Gumtree thought for a moment, before saying, ‘If you can guess the winner of the AusRuIcket game I will be able to return you to your time; but if you are wrong there will be a costly forfeit.’



AusRuIcket is probably inspired by J.K. Rowling’s quidditch sport in the Harry Potter novels.
Quorn is a town in Australia and a meat-substitute vegetarian food company.
Adelaide Crows is an Australian Rules Football team. South Australia Redbacks is a cricket team.


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