Numskulls Nostalgia after Inhabited Bridges Scenic Reminder

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I was reminded of my greenygrey scenic bridges Greenygrey blog debut last week when I saw the eMORFES inhabited bridges post on their wordpress blog. 

When I’d recovered from my numskull nostalgia I was delighted to see that there is a greenygrey element to all the bridge photos on eMORFES. Chengyang is again featured. Here’s my favourites from the others:

I liked the subtle greenygrey in the water below Pulteney Bridge in  England, and there is more greenygrey via trees and roofs:

Pulteney Bridge-UK

There is more greenygrey subtlety underlying Ponte Vecchio in Italy:


It’s greenygrey in the middle; of this image and the images in this blog; for the Kramerbrucke Bridge in Germany:


The greenygrey stands out at the Chenonceau in France:


And finally, there are layers of greenygrey at the Covered Bridge in Bulgaria:

Covered Bridge-Bulgaria1

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