Literary Nonsense Poetry Perfect for Decisionmaking

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s time for the second episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps of the week, and with its sporting theme its the perfect warm-up for the weekend… and if you’re in Britain you’ll need some warming up!

The literary nonsense poetry is really warming up too, with this episode another one that is completely poetry.

Adelaide Football Club
Adelaide Football Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Rainbow Valley extended adventure a recent memory, this episode sees the travelling trio trying to choose between Crows and Redbacks, with their chances of escaping the timequake tumult dependent on the decision. Here it is:

Redbacks Fielding
Redbacks Fielding (Photo credit: mikecogh)


We got in a huddle
and a bit of a muddle
working out a preamble
to finish our ramble.
I rubbed my hat
until it was flat
and then it shone:
a sign of game on?

Hat Trick Productions
Hat Trick Productions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The crows have two wings
talons and beak,
redbacks have eight legs
a fiery streak.
Who will win the contest
it is difficult to decide;
could be down to injury
or a contentious offside.
Choosing could be
a hat-trick calamity
for three travellers
trapped outside normality.

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