Groupack of Greenygreys in Everest Yeti Himalayas

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon. Following the exciting documentary about searching for tigers in Bhutan a couple of weeks ago, which mentioned it was the land of the Yeti, a documentary this week had possible sightings of Greenygreys in the very same Himalayas mountain range.

Mount Everest Greenygrey Region

Although it might not seem ideal habitat for Greenygreys amongst all the rock and snow around Everest, there are many surprisingly greenygrey areas in the region:

Climbing Everest with Mountain on Back

During a BBC documentary about the lives of Sherpas, who carry massive weights up Mount Everest and the rest of the region, there were some remarkably vivid images of what looked like Greenygreys.

As the Greenygrey is the last of its species as far as it knows, and it doesn’t remember other Greenygreys, it doesn’t know a collective noun for more than one. Yes, that’s why I’ve been called in to present the blog. And this image is why we think we may need a collective noun for Greenygreys:

everest climbers

During my research for this blog I googled ‘werewolf collective noun’. On the first page of results I found previous proposals of ‘pack’ and ‘lunacy’. I have decided on an alternative proposal for a collection of Greenygreys.

As werewolves are a combination of human and wolf, I thought a combination of human and wolf collective words would be appropriate. As group and pack join at the p I thought groupack. I therefore propose that the above photo should be considered the first possible sighting of a groupack of Greenygreys in the Himalayas.

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