Oz the Great and Powerful new Sam Raimi Disney Movie

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I was amazed to see on MySpace that there’s a new Oz movie being released next month called Oz the Great and Powerful, and it was made for Disney by the legendary Sam Raimi.

It looks a real trip down memory lane for Grey; or should that be dust sandy path; after its epic comedy-fantasy adventures in Oz; but it’s too soon after my/our traumatic ordeal to watch it in the cinema.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Moreover, Oz the Great and Powerful seems to have some great greenygrey cinematography, as shown by the main image on its Disney website:


Another one has a great greenygrey landscape:


Not so great for Greenygrey, the wicked witch looks decidedly greenygrey:

OZ wickedWitch

Historian’s Guide to Oz

Grey wasn’t the first to ramble across Oz of course, and Ranjit S. Dighe  even wrote a Historian’s Guide to Oz ten years before Grey’s epic Oz ramble.

And guess what. Oz was even greenygrey then:


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