Shrove Tuesday – Valentine’s Day Neighbours Oz Episode

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac. I felt the poetry calling from the last episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, so I made good time On The Road to get back in time to introduce the next episode. The Greenygrey was only too happy to hand over the reins to me.

Talking of reins, you might be expecting Grey to return to the land where King Scote reigns in this episode, but our fave werewolf traveller doesn’t quite make it this episode.

Suddenly (Angry Anderson song)
Suddenly (Angry Anderson song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After continuing on the poetry track Grey is sidetracked once again. This time into a nice neighbourhood, where there’s a famous wedding taking place between good neighbours. I just realised what good timing it is with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

Happy Shrove Tuesday
for today
by the way.

I can feel a case of poetry welling up in me, so I’ll just end by stating this is the episode when Angry makes his first appearance. Based on legendary Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson, Angry is the Mind of the Body, Mind and Spirit theme; replacing the brain, courage and heart of the Wizard of Oz story.


I eventually hauled my sun-kissed furry ass
off the sun-soaked golden sandy mattress,
strolling away from my paradise resting place
I wombled along freely to leave no trace.

Meeting the Neighbours

English: No. 26, Ramsay Street from TV show, N...
English: No. 26, Ramsay Street from TV show, Neighbours Licensing: Category:Neighbours images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I left the beach, I turned around for one last look. Then I headed into town. The first road I reached was Ramsay Street. It looked like a nice neighbourhood, and there was a wedding going on.

As I walked along minding my own business, one of the Neighbours (special Shrove Tuesday – Valentine Day additional bonus feature: ‘looking very greenygrey’ [as shown in image below]) introduced himself as Harold Bishop. He said they needed something to dull the wedding a little, as it was too bright to take quality photos. I said I’d be happy to oblige.

Harold Bishop
Harold Bishop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grey in the Neighbours Wedding

So I joined the wedding, and thought I added a nice touch of dullness to balance the light. Everybody said I did a grand job, and the marrying couple, Charlene and Scott, invited me for drinks afterwards.

After having a drink or three, I Suddenly got talking to a man with a rose tattoo. His distinctive ink helped me recognise him as the one who’d Suddenly burst into song at the wedding. He introduced himself as Angry. I asked why he was called that, and he said his Neighbours Suddenly started saying he had no mind when he got tattoos, and it made him angry.



The Wombles were environmentally friendly 1970s fictional creatures created by Mike Batt.
Neighbours (Aussie soap opera) and characters (Harold Bishop, Charlene and Scott).
Rose Tattoo and singer, Angry Anderson.
Suddenly was an Angry Anderson solo song for the Neighbours wedding of Charlene and Scott.


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