Artwork, Stone Balancing, Painted Buildings and Photos

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Everything is eerily quiet in the Werehouse, so I wandered over to the eMORFES website in search of greenygrey art… and I was soon overwhelmed by lots of wonderful images… and some were greenygrey. Here’s a few, with my very own introductions:

Artwork by: Izziyana Suhaimi

The artwork of Izziyana Suhaimi reminds me of a cloudy winter day in the city, with little pockets of colour amongst the grey… including green:

Colourful Buildings

There is greenygrey in most of the eMORFES selection of colourful buildings, but this one probably sticks out the most, with its great greenygrey foreground:

kelburn castle-Scotland

Stone Balance Installations by Michael Grab

There were some subtle greenygrey stone balance installations, but this one is blatantly beautiful:

Stone Balance Installations by Michael Grab4

Painted Photographs by Sebastiaan Bremer

I started playing spot the best greenygrey combination with Sebastiaan Bremer’s painted photographs, and maybe you’ll feel the urge to do the same:


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