Oz Great and Powerful Poetry: Four Times Four

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that midweek time of what is known in Oz (the Werewolf of Oz Oz anyway, although Grey only just remembered it, and didn’t mention it in its book!) as the three-and-a-half-days-times-two or semi-fortnight; or in the human world as a week.

Talking of numbers, can you find the four four mentions in this blog? Just a little more f(o)u(r)n for you while reading this, if you can stand any more excitement..! Answers with the next Werewolf of Oz.

Granduncle 4 - Waking
Granduncle 4 – Waking (Photo credit: geminicollisionworks)

Literary Nonsense Poetry 

As you can see from the above paragraph, Grey doesn’t like to rush around, which is one reason why it stayed so long on Kangaroo Island.

It felt it needed to speed up its journey a little, with still no end to the dust sandy path in sight, but didn’t want to leave anything out.

Robe Journey Four by Four

Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728]
Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728] (Photo credit: peregrinari)
So Grey and its trio of travelling Tolkienistas moved up a gear from paltry prose to peed poetry with a tetralogy/quadrilogy (sorry to be technical, and yes, I just looked up the human word for one more than a trilogy on Wikipedia!) of literary nonsense poems covering their journey from Kangaroo Island to Tasmania, via King Island. Here’s the first of the tetralogy, and 54th chapter of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps:


Four Sail For Sale

We set sail for the port of Robe
not far across Oz in terms of globe
as we’d heard there were bargains
in a supermarket without chagrins.

But waves did suddenly rise
in a storm of enormous size,
we wondered where it had brewed,
fury of the worst bad mood;
before it declared its intention,
to sink us without hesitation,
and leave no trace
of our boat race.



boat race – slang for face.


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