Talking Heads and the Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson back again. I took the hint from your reaction to my raising a-were-ness joke and went in search of some existential Greenygrey history. It didn’t take me long to unearth some 1970s Greenygrey gems.

Talking Heads and Greenygrey

As shown in New York at the BBC, the Greenygrey once shared a stage with Talking Heads, most famous for their song Road to Nowhere, which is a kind of musical Groundhog Day, and how Greenygrey (and Grey when solo) often felt on the epic fantasy-travel rambles.

talking heads

Some of the band even had fun synchronised greenygreying while playing:

talking heads5

And when I searched the Road to Nowhere video I found Greenygrey played multiple parts. Here’s just a couple:

talking heads6

talking heads7

I’ve run out of time on the road to nowhere, so Blondie’ll have to wait until the next blog. Here’s the Road to Nowhere video. How many Greenygrey parts can you find?


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