Innovative New Art and Nature Photography

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Travelling over to Barcelona with Team GG was great, but it meant I got behind with my art-scouting, so today I headed over to emorfes to catch up on its fine collection of art, and pick out the best of the greenygrey.

There’s quite a few,
so without further ado,
as Wolfhol used to say to you,
here’s some great greenygrey to view:

Innovative New Art

The artwork of Frederico Uribe using electrical wires has a couple of greenygrey images mixing those ol’ favourites, park greenery mixed with grey cityscapes:


The tree art of Zonenkinder is full of greenygrey, with the trees doing all the work this time, mixing green leaves with grey trunks:

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-11

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-4

The real-life Picasso women of Eugenio Recuenco shows Picasso liked a bit of greenygrey too:

Photography -Real-life-Picasso-women-4

Green provides a man-made contrast to nature’s grey in this Michael Murphy photo:

HDR photography by Michael Murphy

And just when I thought I’d caught up I saw some stunning nature photography by Veronika Pinke. That’ll have to wait until another day…

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