The Shining Spring Sun Serenades Philosophical Poetry

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I hadn’t heard anything from inside the Werehouse for such a long time I had a look in this morning, and Andy Wolfhol was nowhere to be seen. There were just these notes at his desk, illuminated by The Shining spring sun:

English: Sun dogs during sunset outside of New...
English: Sun dogs during sunset outside of New Ulm, Minnesota, United States. Note the sun dogs on either side of the actual sun, with halo arcs passing through each parhelion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring is sprung
my work is done
wonder whether
wandering weather
waits outside window…


God’s special animal.
Gone delinquent
or created
to finish the job
of an auto-destructive
artistic God.


The Overlook Hotel (Timberline Lodge).
The Overlook Hotel (Timberline Lodge). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting at my desk
devoid of company
is that the reason why
I criticise my species?
Or does it make me
more balanced?


Some creatures of the same species do
and some creatures of the same species don’t
like me
without knowing me.
Therefore it’s them not me.


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Oz Great and Powerful Poetry: Four Times Four

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that midweek time of what is known in Oz (the Werewolf of Oz Oz anyway, although Grey only just remembered it, and didn’t mention it in its book!) as the three-and-a-half-days-times-two or semi-fortnight; or in the human world as a week.

Talking of numbers, can you find the four four mentions in this blog? Just a little more f(o)u(r)n for you while reading this, if you can stand any more excitement..! Answers with the next Werewolf of Oz.

Granduncle 4 - Waking
Granduncle 4 – Waking (Photo credit: geminicollisionworks)

Literary Nonsense Poetry 

As you can see from the above paragraph, Grey doesn’t like to rush around, which is one reason why it stayed so long on Kangaroo Island.

It felt it needed to speed up its journey a little, with still no end to the dust sandy path in sight, but didn’t want to leave anything out.

Robe Journey Four by Four

Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728]
Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728] (Photo credit: peregrinari)
So Grey and its trio of travelling Tolkienistas moved up a gear from paltry prose to peed poetry with a tetralogy/quadrilogy (sorry to be technical, and yes, I just looked up the human word for one more than a trilogy on Wikipedia!) of literary nonsense poems covering their journey from Kangaroo Island to Tasmania, via King Island. Here’s the first of the tetralogy, and 54th chapter of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps:


Four Sail For Sale

We set sail for the port of Robe
not far across Oz in terms of globe
as we’d heard there were bargains
in a supermarket without chagrins.

But waves did suddenly rise
in a storm of enormous size,
we wondered where it had brewed,
fury of the worst bad mood;
before it declared its intention,
to sink us without hesitation,
and leave no trace
of our boat race.



boat race – slang for face.


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Prince William CITES Conference and Polar Bears

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf. I’m delighted to say that Marc Latham has published his fourth Suite 101 article of the long weekend. The final article covers the third episode of the wildlife documentary trilogy, when Gordon Buchanan and the film team followed the remaining members of the polar bear family through autumn/fall. Did Lyra and Miki survive? Find out at: Polar Bear Family and Me.

CITES Conference Headline News 

CITES (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was also good to see that the CITES conference on endangered species made headline news in the United Kingdom.

It was helped in the U.K. by Prince William addressing the conference, following in a family tradition of supporting world wildlife and endangered species.

Some progress was made on elephant conservation, although there is still a lot to work on.

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Polar Bear, CITES Conference and Andy Warhol Animal Art

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, nature correspondent at the Greenygrey. I just read Marc Latham’s third article in his Suite 101 polar bear weekend: Polar Bear Family and Me: Summer. It sure was a great wildlife documentary series, and can’t wait to read the fourth and final article, which reliable sources tell me is planned for tomorrow.


Protecting Endangered Species

Talking of endangered species, I saw on the BBC news this morning that a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) conference starts this week.

The CITES conference hopes to agree global legislation to stop the mass slaughter of animals such as sharks, rhinos and elephants for unnecessary luxury items and unproved mythical medicines.

Andy Warhol Endangered Animals Art 

As I searched for an Independent article about CITES I saw an article about Andy Wolfhol’s human parallel (which is available from the above link). It reported that the Andy Warhol Foundation was selling his set of ten Endangered Animals screenprints created in 1983.

andy warhol frog

Unfortunately, there’s no wolf screenprint among the ten Andy Warhol animal artworks, but there is some greenygrey amongst our close cousins (as subtly seen above): elephant, frog, panda, eagle, tiger, butterfly, orangutan, zebra, rhinoceros and ram.

There’s only the hyena missing from the Life of Pi boat animals!

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Penguin Classic Werewolf of Oz Episode

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps second episode time of the week. Before we travel to Oz, you might want to warm up by visiting Suite 101 Svalbard, where Marc Latham has just published his account of the Polar Bear Family and Me first episode.

Werewolf of Oz Penguin Classic 

Koala looks down, Kangaroo Island
Koala looks down, Kangaroo Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then pop back here quickly, as we’re ready to travel to Oz. Back? Sitting comfortably? Well, fasten your seat belts, because our travelling quartet are setting off from Kangaroo Island in episode 53, bringing to an end the little penguin classic AusRuIcket story. There’s also another loopy literary nonsense poem and the Rolf of kangaroo mythology makes another appearance:


King Scote and the little penguins were up early, and had prepared a farewell to friends breakfast buffet on the beach. It was most enjoyable, eating freshly cooked tasty treats as the sun rose. But,

like each day’s sun,
each week’s fun,
each month’s moon,
each year’s seasons,
and each life’s spirit;
all that shines must wane.

Orchid, Lift Your Spirit to the Sun Carolyn Kr...
Orchid, Lift Your Spirit to the Sun Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Private Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ate our fill shooting the breeze; it was a shame we had to leave. I had thoroughly enjoyed my time on the island, and felt no regret about staying longer than planned.

Skippy versus Rolf

Rolf Harris
Rolf Harris (Photo credit: PicsByZuzanna)

Scoty said he was sorry to see us leave; his final words to us were: ‘Goodbye my friends. May Skippy be with you, and you never meet the Rolf.’

The little penguins said it had been great to meet us all, and especially Bonzo; they would think of him every time they played AusRuIcket.

Then they all waved us off, and we waved back.

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Wolf or Human: Witch is Werewolf Better Half?

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, nature correspondent at the Greenygrey. We werewolves often debate the Big Questions about life, such as which/witch is our better half: human or wolf.

Polar Bear Squares
Polar Bear Squares (Photo credit: gehmflor)

Polar Bear Family and Me 

Polar bear
Polar bear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the merits and faults of humans and wolves are sure to Bram Stoker up a heated debate in the Greenygrey world, we are usually in universal agreement that humans are more empathetic than polar bears.

This is because we watched the Polar Bear Family and Me, and read Marc Latham’s Natural World Media article about the series.

Polar Bears and Humanity Difference 

Ursus_maritimus_Polar_bear_with_cub.jpg, with ...
Ursus_maritimus_Polar_bear_with_cub.jpg, with color correction and cropping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the polar bear family was shown to be very loving and caring of each other, they were obviously just trying to survive, and didn’t have the time or inclination to ‘care’ about other species.

Although humans are of course more destructive to the planet and other species overall, and polar bears make friends with huskies, some humans try to protect their animal competitors; and even those animal predators who threaten humanity, which might just lift  humanity above its predator competitors.

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