Defenders of Wildlife and Flowers Gallery Art Exhibition Photos

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, arts head honcho @ Greenygrey in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. There has been a lot of greenygrey photo competition and art exhibition excitement in the last couple of days, keeping me on the edge of my easel. I couldn’t wait to report it to you, but the Greenygrey world is so busy these days I had to hold my horses.

As recorded in the ancient origins of the Greenygrey website on the services page, before the coming of the Orlovs and Yellowy art, greenygrey in the human world is most commonly found in the meeting of greeny nature and grey construction. In the non-human world it is most commonly found in greeny nature and grey stony cloud sunless sea horizons.

Over the last couple of days there was a meeting of the two, as the Defenders of Wildlife announced their wildlife photography competition results and Aesthetica reported a Cityscapes exhibition.

Defenders of Wildlife Photo Competition

While there wasn’t any greenygrey in the overall winner of the Defenders of Wildlife photo competition, it did feature heavily in one of the top photos, and vaguely in a few others.

So, I am proud to announce that the clear winner of the Greenygrey Defenders of Wildlife Photo Competition Most Greenygrey Photo was this photo by Philip Kuntz:

Landscape, © Philip Kuntz

Cityscapes, Flowers Gallery, New York

While the above photo demonstrates the essence of wild greenygrey, photo art such as the one below by David Hepher from the Aesthetica website shows stark urban greenygrey in the city; like at the bottom of the Greenygrey website biography page.


While we prefer greenygrey in the city to have some vegetation, it is still comforting to be reminded of nature in a world devoid of vegetation. And some of the art in the Flowers Gallery exhibition does include some urban nature.

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