Body Artistic Photography Inspires Creation Mythology

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, comedy and history correspondent at ye olde humour inspired Greenygrey. Four stunning Emorfes blog posts featuring the work of Veronika Pinke, Pete Piriya, Christophe Kiciak, Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio triggered memories of an ancient tale often recited in the Greenygrey world, so I thought I’d share the creation myth in werewolf weasel words; before chronologically coordinating images borrowed from Emorfes:

One Greenygrey creation myth
said that upon eighteen years amiss
a hero werewolf would fall to Earth
spending nine years embracing mirth
while wrestling with the abyss
as told in images on Emorfes…

Stunning Nature Photography by Veronika Pinke

Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya



Photo Manipulations by Christophe Kiciak



Body Paintings by Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio



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