Textured Photography and Digital Collages Portray Greenygrey Fact and Fiction

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho in Greenygrey Arts after the unsuccessful search for A(were)WOL(f) Andy Wolfhol. You know, there’s an old saying in the Greenygrey world; maybe ol’ Wolfhol is in that place.

Planning and Formatting an Artistic Blog

I could have done with some help this week, as I was overwhelmed by greenygrey when I visited emorfes. But it was in a nice way, as there were loads of great greenygrey images. I wondered how I was going to mold all that greenygrey into this blog… and then I thought of an idea I think even ol’ Wolfhol would consider fifteen minutes… and Perisher Marlon would consider genius.

Out of several blogs I decided to focus on Julien Coquentin’s textured photography and Catrin Welz-Stein’s digital collages, with a greenygrey fact and fiction theme. They are intermingled below in fact and fiction form, with the first, third and fifth by Julien; and second, fourth and sixth by Catrin.

Idea at the Beginning of the End

And now, as I neared the end of the blog, about to choose Catrin’s images to go with those of Julien’s already imported into the Greenygrey world, I saw a narrative emerge. The power of dreams and movement – body, mind and spirit.

We don’t recommend going AWOL like ol’ Wolfhol until you’re good and ready though. The mind is a good and safe place to travel.

Artistic Greenygrey Images Featured on Emorfes


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-5


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-2

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