Dan Brown’s Inferno: Dante’s Hell a Prophecy

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, television correspondent at the Greenygrey. Hot off the press news from a just taken place Dan Brown BBC Breakfast interview. It’s a serious blog post though, so if you expect and need my usual attempts at comedy to brighten a Monday morning I’d advise leaving now; the same goes for devout/delusional believers in monotheistic religions, which still means the vast majority of the world, cutting our readership and sales opportunities down somewhat, but again suggesting that we blog what we really think, rather than what we think will sell.

Dante Created Modern Vision of Hell 

Dante's Gate of Hell by William Blake
Dante’s Gate of Hell by William Blake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talking about his new Inferno book, Dan Brown explained that it is about Dante’s Middle-ages epic poem, which after conducting strenuous research, Brown discovered has created our modern version of Hell. It had only been alluded to before that.

Brown’s book twists Dante’s Hell into prophecy rather than commentary, with our planet’s overpopulation spiralling our planet into a Hell on Earth.

Earth, Environment and Hell 

Environmental damage
Environmental damage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if Brown’s Hell on Earth will come true; I’d probably be accused of being an environmental extremist if I said I thought it likely to happen.

Today’s Earth might seem like Hell to somebody of a few centuries ago, when nature was in balance and animal life plentiful.

A hellish Earth certainly seems to be coming true for many animals and species, but they don’t really count under monotheism, which proclaims them as mere servants and products for humanity, rather than our close cousins and sharers of most DNA as in evolutionary science.

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be (AC/DC song) 

Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris
Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t believe in monotheistic religion, therefore we don’t believe in the Devil and Hell, which are part of the scripts, so please don’t accuse us of being Devil-worshippers, or being on the ‘dark-side’, because we don’t believe in a Devil, seeing as there is clear historical evidence to prove that it was created out of old pagan deities: as Dante’s Hell was created; the Wizard of Oz was created; and Greenygrey’s Rambles was created.

Dante’s Hell might have been useful as a Middle-Ages control mechanism, but the monotheistic religions usually provided a get-out clause, with men given dominion over women and animals, to treat them as they wished; and the fallen forgiven as long as they repented/converted.

Modern monotheistic religion still provides a guide to many people, and is practised properly by some people, but to many it is just used as an excuse for power and preferential treatment.

People who put other people through Hell on Earth suddenly remember their godly ways when caught out, and demand preferential treatment in line with their until-then-forgotten religious beliefs; playing the human rights card that they only believe in for themselves; sure in the belief that their God will be pleased with them, and provide a wonderful afterlife… not caring about the life they leave behind on Earth.

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