Putting Australia on the Map… Here’s Geelong

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s epic culture comedy poem. I think you might have enjoyed it more if Marc Latham had added that Hamlyn Heights, Corio, Lara, Avalon, Cocoroc and the M1 road are all real places around Geelong in Victoria in the Notes.

Geelong Map Show Werewolf of Oz Place Names

And here are the place names on the Google Geelong map; linking to Google Maps if it’s too small below. Can you find all the place names? I hadn’t realised there’s a Lara and an Avalon; quite a coincidence after Lara Croft Avalon; and quite near to each other.

Geelong map

Australian Place Names on the Map

We hope that appearing in the Werewolf of Oz book provides a thrill for the people involved in the places, and fans of the media/music etc; as appearing in The Simpsons is supposed to be.

While it probably won’t mean much to people from Sydney and Melbourne, who are used to their cities being featured in the media, hopefully it will be to people of smaller places like Meekatharra and Humpty Doo.

Crocodile Dundee Shot again
Crocodile Dundee Shot again (Photo credit: slowe6847)

And hopefully it might bring them some additional tourist revenue. While place names appearing in the Werewolf of Oz is unlikely to make people travel across the world like the movie did; if tourists are already in Oz and going nearby, maybe it’ll inspire them to make a little detour to see that cool sounding place they’ve read about.

I think that the omission of some real place names in the Notes is the only criticism I’d make of Marc Latham’s editing, and they’ll be added for the upcoming Smashwords ebook release…

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