Body, Mind and Spirit Comedy

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I hope you enjoyed the Bergen photos. While travelling can seem like living a fantasy, Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps is really a fantasy travelling book. I’m sure you’ve all been trying to work out the answer to Holly Valance‘s bubble and squeak teaser; unless you already know it!; so I think it’s time to head down under to the Werewolf of Oz for some comedy satire.

Holly Valance Married Werewolf of Oz on Smashwords WOOZ COVER 4

I’m delighted to say that Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps was published on Smashwords yesterday, so it’s available for lots more Ereaders now: 40% of the book is available to read for free.

It is still available from Amazon for paperback and kindle, with image and link at end of this post.

Holly Valance has married billionaire Nick Candy since we met her, so her life has run a pretty parallel course with Grey, who is of course reunited with Green.

Body, Mind and Spirit; and Quiet Hero

We wish Holly and Nick all the best for their marriage. While it was great to meet Holly in these episodes the main theme of this episode is the coming together of the team using the body, mind and spirit attributes they’d previously lost confidence in; as the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow discovered they had all the courage, heart and brains they needed in the original Wizard of Oz.

And the quiet character coming good.

And no amount of additional ingredients could make Holly’s bubble and squeak smell any tastier than that day we met her on the outskirts of Gillian Taylforth… or was it Mel something.


is no fun
when bubble
and squeak
free to dine
is on the line.

The Mind

Angry Anderson "Rose Tattoo"
Angry Anderson “Rose Tattoo” (Photo credit: Rossco ( Image Focus Australia ))

We tried to think how the name Gillian Taylforth was connected to Mel Gibson, but couldn’t work out any significant associations. Then Angry suggested the city might have another name.

I thought that might not be as crazy as it first sounded.

The Spirit

Ben racing Cathy Freeman
Ben racing Cathy Freeman (Photo credit: travelskerricks)

I remembered then that I had indeed renamed it before we arrived, but couldn’t for the life of me recall another name for it.

I felt dejected, but then Cathy gave a pep talk to raise our spirits, before offering to run back to the city to check the name.

I had renewed hope.

The Body

Elle Mcpherson
Elle Mcpherson (Photo credit: isriya)

Elle thanked Angry and Cathy, and said they’d done enough; she’d like to make a contribution and check the city’s name. So Elle rushed back to the city, and when she returned she said she’d seen a sign saying Welcome to Melbourne.

Yes, that was it; that was its name before I renamed it.

The Bonz

It had been an outstanding team effort; utilising body, mind and spirit in the nick of time. I thanked them all. I wondered if their efforts had also answered the second question, because Melbourne sounded like it could well have been named after Mel Gibson.

Bon Scott
Cover of Bon Scott

I put this to the team, hoping Angry would continue his good mind form. But before Angry could say a word, Bonzo piped up, ‘Oh, Melbourne, that’s easy, I grew up here. No, it wasn’t named after Mel Gibson, it was after that pommie guy, William Lamb – 2nd Viscount Melbourne. Mel Gibson was in fact born in New York.’

We all looked at Bonzo in amazement, before giving him a big hug.

The Tucker

We gave the answers to Holly Valance, and she said:
‘You had your chance
and now you can hanch
on my best and scrumptious
bubble and squeak.’

We tucked in.



William Lamb, the 2nd Viscount Melbourne, was Queen Victoria’s first Prime-Minister, and lived between 1779-1848.
pommie – Aussie slang for a Briton.


werewolf of oz book cover


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