World Evolving from Greenygrey Source to Pink Bedroom?

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho @ Greenygrey Creation in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. While ol’ Wolfhol was considered an artistic genius, I am widely considered to be the Tommy Cooper of art in the Greenygrey world. Cooper was a comedian that used magic tricks in his act; doing them badly, but sometimes making them work.

The Magic Act Behind this Blog Evolution

Although you will receive this blog as a finished product, hopefully enjoying it, but probably not considering it that amazing among all the amazing things in the world wide web, there is a little more amazingness about how it evolved… into a blog about evolution.

It started off as an emorfes blog images round-up, but then I thought I’d add the Greek helmet evolution image, and then remembered the greenygreyness of the Source Code movie, and then the B&Q greenygrey/pink image advert.

Then, when I had them all in mind I noticed an evolution theme to the three additional photos, so saved the emorfes for another day. Here’s the other photos, and an additional Chicago canal one. I hope you think the magic worked, and you enjoy them.

The Source Code

I was amazed at how greenygrey Chicago’s streets and canals looked in the recently watched movie Source Code; in fact, although I’ve been there, I didn’t even know Chicago had canals!:

Chicago canal.

Moreover, I didn’t know at the time that a poster advertising Source Code was even greenygreyier!:

Source Code movie poster.

Greek Helmets Evolution

I’d also watched a documentary about Greek civilisation, and saw their helmets remained largely greenygrey through their evolution:

Greek Helmet Evolution

B&Q Advert Evolution

Moreover, in a B&Q advert they depict the evolution of a bedroom from unloved to unbelievable as being from greenygrey to pink!:

B&Q Advert.

We hope you loved and believed this blog!!

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