1980s British Heavy Rock and Metal Led to Doors

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that midweek time of the human week; which was created rather than really existing of course; so it’s about time for the first episode of a comedy satire story we created from a time-travel land beyond Earthly weeks with their Sun days… or even Moonly months.

The Doors
Cover of The Doors

Yes, the Werewolf of Ozzers continue their journey through the magical rock world of Kerang-Kerrang in the latest thrilling instalment of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. In this episode the Ozzers travel through a late-1980s British heavy rock and metal metaphor, which is looking a little run down after its 1970s and early-1980s heyday, before reaching the Doors of Perception:

Chapter 85.  British Heavy Metal and Rock Around the Block

We emerged into the neon streets of night-time LA. As we reached a roundabout, a Ratt jumped Out of the Cellar of a nearby building. It ran past us before going Round and Round in circles. We continued running, with the Grunginator hot on our heels.

British Rock in the Late 1980s 

The Dogs D'Amour
Cover of The Dogs D’Amour

We entered the British quarter at the end of the 1980s. It had become a little run down by then, with hardly any new construction to add to the building blocks that had emerged in the early eighties classic period.

There was a small pocket of rising activity involving The Cult of Little Angels that had Wildhearts of Thunder worshipping Dogs D’Amour; but I heard gunfire after we passed through, so I feared the Grunginator might have destroyed the Temple of the Dog.

Return to the 1970s 

Venice Beach and the Boardwalk, as seen in the...
Venice Beach and the Boardwalk.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dizzy shouted that he knew a short-cut into the 1970s, so we followed him through some Doors to a Moonlight Drive, and after passing the Roadhouse Blues we arrived at Venice Beach.



Ratt album and songs: Out of the Cellar, Round and Round.
1980s British bands: Cult, Little Angels, Wildhearts, Thunder and Dogs D’Amour.
Temple of the Dog’ is a lyric in the Mother Love Bone song: Man of Golden Words.
Doors songs: Moonlight Drive, Roadhouse Blues. Venice Beach in LA was where the Doors began.


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