National Lottery Olympics 2012 Anniversary Run and Ashes

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, comedy satire sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. After I’ve had a quiet summer compared to last year, I was awoken into action this morning by the National Lottery Olympics Anniversary Run featured on the Andrew Marr Show.

One of the Wombles; Bungo, in UK Television se...
One of “The Wombles” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I then remembered this summer’s Ashes, Arishes, Oz Lions series and Murray winning Wimbledon (the Wombles told us they have finally cleaned up all the mess!).

Olympics 2012 Greenygrey Games

Olympics 2012 has fondly become known as the Greenygrey Games in the Greenygrey world, or 3G-2012 for short. So it was fitting this morning that one of the heroines in London last year, Victoria Pendleton, joined Team GG for this morning’s anniversary run:

Victoria Pendleton interviewed on BBC's Andrew Marr Show.
Victoria Pendleton interviewed on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Yep, it is now a year since I was so overworked and rightly overexcited!

Ashes Cricket Series Reminder of AusRuIcket Arishes

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While last year was an amazing summer of sport in Blighty, this year’s has been pretty good too. A couple of greenygrey highlights were the thrilling Lions (Wollions for those reading this in the Greenygrey world) series win in Oz and Murray winning at greenygrey Wimbledon.

Now, the Ashes cricket series between Blighty and Oz is reminding us of the AusRuIcket Bonzo’s bagpipes Arishes played for by little penguins on Kangaroo Island since the Wereweolf of Ozzers visited there; immortalised in the epic comedy satire classic you all know and mixed-up vole now.

It was a thrilling first Ashes test, and Blighty looks to have the second test sown up to take a 2-0 series lead. We haven’t found much greenygrey action at the cricket, but then again, we haven’t been looking very closely.

Welcome to Wolfswinkel 

Norwich City FC
Norwich City FC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, we’d like to welcome Ricky van Wolfswinkel to Blighty. Ricky van Wolfswinkel is no stranger to the Greenygrey world of course, having been featured on this website when playing for Sporting Lisbon.

So we were thrilled to read that van Wolfswinkel signed for Norwich City, and will be playing for them in the Premier League next year; and in Norwich’s greenygrey ground!

Warm wishes to Wolfswinkel from the werewolf world.

werewolf of oz book cover
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