Congratulations on Royal Baby from Greenygrey World

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I’ve heard that Kate and William have been receiving congratulations from around the world for the birth of their son, so I thought I would add my congratulations from the Greenygrey world. And I’d also like to thank Kate for holding on until the greenygrey weather returned to Blighty for the birth.

New Star Foretells Birth? Lightning Follows

This blog starts with lightning photographed after the royal birth, and ends with an image of a new star seen early on the day of the birth.

Angelic Lightning over Manchester within a day of the royal birth.

Royal Baby Name Update

The odds on Greenygrey being chosen as the royal baby’s name must have shortened with all the greenygrey weather.

Susanna Reid reports from a greenygrey Buckingham Palace.
Susanna Reid reports from a greenygrey Buckingham Palace.

I think that adding a historic name would also be a good idea, and that Æthelwulf would go nicely with Greenygrey.

Æthelwulf was the King of Wessex in the 9th century, and is the father of Alfred the Great. Æthelwulf is Old English for ‘noble wolf’. In those days Britain was pretty similar to Native American culture.

Æthelwulf in early greenygrey represention in the Genealogical Chronicle of the English Kings, a late-13th-century manuscript.

We also think that the weather conditions could be remembered in the name.

So that brings us to our final name proposal for the royal baby, and our hope that in the late twenty-first century there will be a King Greenygrey Æthelwulf Thunderylightning I sitting on the throne.

Pagan Representative

There was a representative from the animal kingdom there this morning, making it seem quite pagany.

It wasn’t a wolf unfortunately, but it was just about the next best thing: an eagle.

It was apparently brought to the palace after people were disappointed it was not the messenger of the royal birth, after people mixed eagle up with easel: news of the birth was first presented on an easel.

Eagle not the messenger.
Eagle not the messenger.

A Bright New Star Foretold the Royal Birth

I thought the royal birth might happen yesterday when I saw a bright new star appear in the morning Sky… oh no, it was in fact the BBC.

Hacker in the BBC Breakfast Studio with Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid.

It was Hacker T. Dog, the brightest new anthropomorphic star we’ve seen since Alexandr Orlov burst onto our screen in the Compare the Meerkat (Market) adverts; and best puppet since Gordon the Gopher.

Hacker was on form with Bill and Susanna on the breakfast sofa.

We wish both the royal baby and Hacker the best for the future; as well as all the other new life born in the last couple of days…

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