Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam Grunge Revival

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s the next thrilling episode (number 10) of the story within a story Kerang-Kerrang 1960s-1990s rock music time-travel classic epic within Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic classic. While grunge fans might have hated the story so far, they might like it from now on…

Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam 

Mother Love Bone, clockwise from left: Bruce F...
Mother Love Bone, clockwise from left: Bruce Fairweather, Stone Gossard, Greg Gilmore, Jeff Ament and Andrew Wood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode sees the troubled time-travellers return to the Temple of the Dog, and its relevance to the story revealed. This Temple of the Dog refers to the Mother Love Bone song rather than the band.

Two members of Pearl Jam (Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament) originated in Mother Love Bone, and later hired singer Eddie Vedder, so Pearl Jam probably wouldn’t have existed if tortured genius MLB singer Andrew Wood hadn’t ended his time-travelling tragically early; instead overdosing on heroin. Here’s the episode:

Chapter 89.  Andrew Wood and the Temple of the Dog

We re-entered the British Quarter, but couldn’t lose the Grunginator, and it seemed to be gaining. Its newly discovered hopping technique made it look a lot quicker and scarier than when it relied on its old robotic movement.

It also seemed to be creating and distributing more poison darts per-minute, and one was surely to hit the target before long.

Temple of the Dog Brings Out Spirit, Mind and Body 

We were passing the Temple of the Dog, which was damaged but still standing, when Cathy sensed a spirit there. I hoped it was another sign of Cathy returning to her peak spirit level.

Elle McPherson
Elle McPherson (Photo credit: nechbi)

I suggested trying to reach Andrew Wood, as he’d sung about a temple of the dog with Mother Love Bone, and might be able to reason with the Grunginator.

Angry pointed out that Wood became famous in Seattle rather than Britain, but said it was worth a try. I thought it was a good use of Angry’s mind, showing knowledge and diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Elle was protecting us from the poison darts with her body. This was an incredible use of her body, and she certainly seemed to be getting her confidence back.

Dizzy Reaches Spirit of Wood with a Keyboard Tune 

Shine (Mother Love Bone album)
Shine (Mother Love Bone album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dizzy unpacked his portable keyboard to play Mother Love Bone tunes he thought might tempt the spirit of Wood into our time and place in Kerang-Kerrang.

He started with a great version of This is Shangri-la, but there was no movement around the temple. Stardog Champion was next, and my hopes rose with the mist swirling out of the temple base during the second half of the song. Was this the beginning of something special? It gathered pace, and soon the temple was hardly visible.

Eureka, as Dizzy finished off Man of Golden Words, the spirit of Andrew Wood appeared above the Temple of the Dog.



Andrew Wood was the lead singer of Mother Love Bone. He died in 1990.
Mother Love Bone songs explained within the narrative.


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