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Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Here’s the last episode of the Kerang-Kerrang time-travel tale that has been keeping you on the edge of your seats all week. This episode focuses on Prog Rock, from the cool Pink Floyd to the a little over the top for my liking Yes and ELP.

Crazy Train
Crazy Train (Photo credit: somenice)

We hope you liked this tale within a tale, and will continue travelling with us for the rest of the journey, which only has about fifty chapters to go now.

Chapter 93.  Prog Rock Helps Travellers to a Good Spirit Sleep

I heard a voice announce there would be another Crazy Train in an hour. Although I was ready to leave Kerang-Kerrang I didn’t really fancy that, so I asked the others if they had any ideas about how to move on with our minds intact.

Cathy Gets into the Spirit of it 

dream (Photo credit: gigi 62)

Cathy said she thought she could feel the Wemba-Wemba spirit in the area, and if she could get a deeper contact she might be able to find a dream path.

I thought for a minute or three,
awaiting a perfect eddy,
to make me look brainy.
I was still paddling the surf,
with the sea much to rough,
when Cathy said Prog Rock was enough.
I’d heard before it is the ultimate unwind,
so I left the stormy waters of my mind behind,
and agreed with Cathy on what to find.

Pink Floyd too Exciting for a Good Sleep 

Cover of "Animals"
Cover of Animals

So off we rambled to find Prog Rock. It turned out to be easier than I thought, as a pig was flying above. A long Wall extended from Prog Rock to the Dark Side of the Moon, and herds of Animals seemed to be using it as a bridge between the two.

I suggested continuing to the ELPYesendless Lea suburb; because from what I knew, it was constructed for comfort and rolled on forever. It sounded perfect for inducing a good sleep.

Sound Spirit Sleep 

emerson lake and freakin palmer
emerson lake and freakin palmer (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

So, under an ELP Black Moon on Love Beach we took our places In the Hot Seat. And Yes, Close to the Edge, holding hands in Union, we swept into slept until we could Fly From Here. It was like no other flight I’d experienced.



Prog(ressive) Rock is a complex form of music usually involving long instrument-orientated songs.
Wemba-Wemba is an aborigine group of people.
Pink Floyd albums: Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals. Pink Floyd had a flying inflatable pig in their stage show.
ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) and albums: Black Moon, Love Beach, In the Hot Seat.
Yes and albums: Close to the Edge, Union, Fly From Here.


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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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