Millie Tant of Viz Fame Werewolf of Oz Analysis

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon. When I agreed to this gig at the Greenygrey some werewolves thought it was beneath me, and that I’d lower perceptions of my kind, but I noticed last week that my human parallel, Susie Dent, was having a whale of a time on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and was even serenaded by some bloke called Nick Helm.

Millie Tant of Viz Comic Fame

I was lost for words for once, and still am, so it’s lucky that I’m just here today to present the latest thrilling episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps as part of the Greenygrey’s women and feminism week.

Millie Tant Guest Analyst

While I’m happy working for the Greenygrey, and think Werewolf of Oz is positive towards women, I thought it’d be only fair to get the views of a more militant female about today’s episode. So I contacted Millicent ‘Millie’ Buckridge Tant of Viz fame, and asked her what she thought. She was horrified.

Snowman building
Snowman building (Photo credit: TheNickster)

She said it was awful that the two main women of the story, Cathy and Elle, were stereotypically doing the cooking in the first paragraph.

I pointed out that male Angry was building a snowman at the time, which was a more useless role really, and that unisex Grey unthinkingly joined him instead of helping with the cooking. Moreover, Cathy later knows where they are more than anyone.

Millie shouted it should have been a snow-woman anyway, and said she was going to organise a Werewolf of Oz boycott before slamming the phone down.

Werewolf of Oz Introduction 

Anyway, here’s the episode with the controversial first paragraph uncensored and uncut for you to decide.

It sees the travellers having escaped Kerang-Kerrang to New South Wales, the penultimate state of their epic fantasy travel comedy satire quest; and a guest appearance by the one and many Perishers.

Chapter 94.  Perishers Prevent Perishing Cold in Perisher Valley

I awoke adrift in a snow drift. As I came to terms with my consciousness, and remembered the events in Kerang-Kerrang, I could see there were awesome peaks all around us. Climbing clear of the hole I’d made for myself, I saw Cathy and Elle were kindling a fire, while Angry was building a snowman.

Wishing it had been them.
Wishing it had been them. (Photo credit: nechbi)

I helped Angry finish off the snowman, and then we joined Cathy and Elle as they cooked up some wild vegetable broth.

I asked if anybody knew where we were. Cathy said it was the Perisher Valley, in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. We had crossed over the state border during the dream.

Perishers Peruse our Parky Party 

View to Perisher village from mt. Perisher (2054m)
View to Perisher village from mt. Perisher (2054m) (Photo credit: Tatters:))

I had just about absorbed Cathy’s geographical information, when some interesting characters wandered out of the nearby forest pushing a pram and pulling a wooden buggy. They were heading our way.

I said howdy when they got within earshot, and asked where they were heading.

The one pulling a buggy said they were on their annual holiday from the Daily Mirror’s Perishers cartoon, and were making their way home to Crunge after getting ejected from the train again.

He introduced himself as Wellington, and the other humans as Maisie, Marlon and Baby Grumpling. The Old English Sheepdog was called Boot.

Perishers Save Us from Perish the Thought 

perishers careers
perishers careers (Photo credit: mcmrbt)

Elle asked them if they’d seen any dead wood on their travels, as we were running out, and there might not be enough to finish cooking our food. Marlon said they hadn’t, but he offered us his buggy, saying it wasn’t one of his most genius contraptions, and hadn’t been much use in the snow.

We were overwhelmed by his generosity, and thanked him profusely before quickly dismantling it and heaping it on our bush telly.



The Perishers story and characters explained within the narrative. Marlon was known for his genius contraptions.


Link for Amazon book and kindle.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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