Perishers in Perisher Valley Finale: Perish the Feminist Thoughts

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, listening to the Scorpions, who had some wonderful women hanging out with them in the 1980s Worldwide Live video. The heavy rock and metal fan in me loves rock and metal comedy satires, like Beavis and Butthead and the Bill and Ted movies, so sometimes I wonder why other people don’t seem to have a sense of humour when it comes to comedy satire they say offends them. Maybe they’d say I don’t mind because I’m too stupid, like the stereotypical metalhead?

Although I’m not the real author of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps like my human parallel J.K. Rowling was of The Cuckoo Calling, after using the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, I’ve been invited to introduce the second of this week’s episodes of your favourite werewolf travels Australia on a fantasy travel quest for comedy satire by Google maps.

Girl Action 

There’s not much girl action in this episode, but that hopefully means there’s less ammunition for militant feminists to criticise. Although they will probably criticise the lack of females then.

If there’s women in it militant feminist critical theorists will find fault with their roles, and if there’s no women in it they’ll criticise the lack of women… because like other critical theorists, that’s their job and obsessive agenda. Sometimes there are genuine biases, but other times they just seem to pick on something to have something to write about.

Madonna, Valle Hovin
Madonna, Valle Hovin (Photo credit: NRK P3)

It’s hard to find a happy medium, and sometimes hard for men to know the right thing to do with modern women; open a door or not, smile and greet or not, compliment or ignore etc; but we think most try to do their best, and we certainly do at the Greenygrey.

For the Girls, Girls, Girls

While a lot of what we’ve written might have seemed more critical of women than men, we do believe that women have the moral high ground over men overall, as men do much more violent crimes against women than vice versa; and men still control power a lot of the time. But women often wield the power behind the men.

Jo Guest
Jo Guest (Photo credit: Stuart Chalmers)

Maybe some women believe they have to become militant, but some men think they get privileged treatment as it is. Funnily enough, glamour modelling is one industry where women probably do better than men, although it is supposed to be a tough cutthroat place to work.

Beavis and Butthead Send in the Clowns

The truth is probably somewhere in the Greenygrey middle. Anyway, enough prevarication, you’ve already had the best work of my day for no additional pay.

Here’s the next Woo episode, which sees the conclusion of The Perishers in Perisher Valley storyline… leading to a Smiggin Holes Lord of the Rings theme…

Chapter 95.  Angry’s Adoption Offer

The veg broth was cooking well, and everything seemed swell.

Angry’s Dog Gets the Boot 

Remembering Grizzly Adams
Remembering Grizzly Adams (Photo credit: DanMoralesPhotography)

Angry’s dog was getting on with Boot like a house on fire; warming the cockles of my heart in front of our flaming bush telly. I hadn’t seen two critters take to each other so quickly since Grizzly Bear Adams met Ben.

The dog duo seemed inseparable by the time Marlon said the Perishers had to leave. I felt sorry for them, until Angry said it looked like his dog had found a new home, and told the Perishers and Boot to look after it.

Angry’s dog looked sad as we said goodbye, but walked proudly beside Boot at the head of the gang as they left.

Beware Smiggin Holes 

Smiggin Holes, Kosciuszko National Park
Smiggin Holes, Kosciuszko National Park (Photo credit: Australian Alps)

Before leaving, Maisie warned us to beware of Smiggin Holes if we were heading east, as there was some weird poo going on down there. Her warning sent a shiver down my spine; well, it was either that or the cold; as that was the direction I could see the dust sandy path leading.

Boot’s new best friend barked a final goodbye before disappearing from view, and Angry led us in shouting and barking our farewells.



Grizzly Bear Adams was a television series about a wilderness man called Adams who saved and befriended a grizzly bear he named Ben.
Smiggin Holes is really a nice ski resort.


Link for Amazon book and kindle.

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Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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