Women and Feminism: Hair Nice n’ Natural not Sexy

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashion expert at the Greenygrey. Women and feminism week is drawing to a close here, so I think it’s about time we had a little fashion discussion about what looks good, nice and sexy.

Hair looks Nice and Natural

This week we’ve featured a lot of blonde women, and that’s because blonde hair can brighten a greenygrey day.

However, at the Greenygrey we believe hair looks nice and natural, not sexy, so there’s no need to cover it unless there’s a weather-related reason or bad hair day.

I don’t think this looks sexy or nice:

This doesn’t look sexy, but looks nice:

Beautiful Latina Woman Smiling

Natural Hair and Designer Vanity: a Socialist Perspective

At the Greenygrey we believe there is nothing vain about showing your natural self; and that it is much less vain than buying expensive designer scarves to hide it.

Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb plays poor Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When women are forced to hide their hair and other natural qualities, and it is supported by the matriarchs of those societies, it seems to me like the rich and powerful hiding the qualities of the poor and beautiful; making the quality and prestige of headgear more important in terms of attractiveness than natural hair.

As my hair is now grey and past its best, I could call for all werewolves to cover their hair, because with my fantastic fashion sense I’d then be able to look better than all the other werewolves. But I wouldn’t put such a cunning plan into practise.

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