Madonna and Marc Latham: Controversial Feminists

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, wrapping up women and feminism week at the Greenygrey. I just revisited the poejazzi website where Marc Latham has posted a couple of comments, and seen that they weren’t understood properly, or twisted around, so I thought I’d make clear our thoughts on women and feminism here at the Greenygrey.

Persecuted Women Inspired Feminist Blogging and Poetry

When Marc Latham started blogging, one of his first campaigns was against the Taliban treatment of Afghan women. That was before 9/11, and the War on Terror. Newspaper article in Farsi about Atefah's execution

As a socialist, Marc hoped the Taliban could be overthrown, and that would inspire more gender equality around the world.

Marc was also inspired by a BBC documentary in 2006 about the hanging of a troubled young Iranian girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, convicted of chastity offences after she’d been raped (

Marc’s first Folding Mirror poem, written around 2007, and starting the website in 2009 had this theme:

Stoned Free 

Comfort, Crying, Freedom,

Sold into slavery,

Beaten, Raped,

Unwanted by twenty,

Accused of immorality, Judged,

Guilty of course,

Jeering, Hatred,

Surrounded by men,

Pain, Confusion, Liberation.

Militant Islam Growth

However, Bush allowed the Taliban to recover from defeat, and to reclaim an originally Buddhist Afghanistan for militant Islam.

Moreover, militant Islam has spread into Pakistan, with the shooting of Malala Yousafzai by the Pakistan Taliban for wanting to attend school rekindling memories of the female Afghan teachers who risked death to teach girls behind close doors; defying the Taliban when they first gained power.

Saba Sahar

Last year, Channel Four’s Unreported World reported on Afghan film-makers led by Saba Sahar. She said that she risks daily death threats to continue filming, and that she faces certain death if the Taliban catch her (documentary description available at:

Militant Islam has also spread around the Middle-East since the ‘Arab Spring’, and increasingly into Africa; some of it supported by the ‘West’; with women losing a lot of what rights they had under the old regimes. Last week two British women were attacked in Zanzibar in what looks like a Militant Islamic gender control operation.

Militant Islam Branded as Feminist in U.K. and Europe

I’m reluctant to post about brave Muslim women now, because in Britain and Europe Islam is being branded as ‘feminist’. People inspired by Mulala or Saba might become Muslims, and help the militant Islamic bandwagon propaganda of the fastest-growing religion; thereby ultimately helping the Taliban who would kill both of them if they could.

And because European Islamic feminism doesn’t seem to be led by the brave women and girls who want to learn, work and wear clothes with gender equality; it’s led by women who want to support the Taliban and other militant Islamic men in the Muslim world who dictate how ‘their’ women dress and behave.

Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto / La première mi...
Assassinated Pakistani Prime-Minister Benazir Bhutto  (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

A recent Channel Four news programme featured a British Muslim woman having travelled to Syria to find a martyr, because she couldn’t find one in the U.K. (which looked good for Muslim men in the U.K.); followed by ex-Apprentice businesswoman Saira Khan arguing with a Syrian journalist about women in the Middle-East; with the Syrian woman supporting more gender freedom and equality.

A lot of British people seem to have been brainwashed by New Labour’s multicultural fascism into supporting the most extreme kind of Islam, instead of trying to integrate Islam into twenty-first century Britain and Europe.

Britain and Europe was already far from gender equal before the mass introduction of the more sexist Muslim-led multiculturalism, and seems to have gone backwards rather than continuing to progress forwards.

That backward trend seems to be supported by Victorian-style cover-up-women feminists and the ‘militant left-wing Islamic faction’ gorgeous George Galloway groupies who will support anything anti-Western/American/Capitalist.

Madonna and Chime for Change

Madonna different to glamour models?

Madonna recently starred in the Chime for Change London concert, calling for freedom of education for all girls.

There is no place for werewolves in the campaign (although there was for Beyonce’s Jay-Z, despite his past ‘sexist’ lyrics) and I wonder how the cover-up-women feminists feel about Madonna being such a star at the concert, considering her use of sexuality and nakedness in her career.

I hope they succeed in their campaign, and the Greenygrey is happy to leave them to it. For poor British girls are now under attack from a sexism imported from the above culture. Not that it is new to the U.K., with The Mill television series showing it has been a part of British culture for centuries.

Leading nicely into working-class week at the Greenygrey: the second of the www Ws at the GG.

Dr. Marc Latham has books available on:
Smashwords and Amazon (

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